3 SIMPLE Fashion Hacks For Petite Plus Size: XOXO Valentine Lips Edition


Original Post: 2/12/16

Hack #1:  Beefy Arms?  

Okay, so the sleeves to that MUST HAVE Blouse weren’t wide enough but it fit perfectly otherwise? No PROBLEMA! Here’s an easy hack to make it fit perfectly on you.

This is what the blouse I’m wearing originally looked like:


One thing I’ve learned as a Petite Plus Size Gal facing such issues as beefy arms and legs  – due to the excess skin –  as well as a double tummy… is that you can do a few tricks to make it your own.  For this blouse in particular I easily removed the sleeves by cutting the threading between the shoulder and arm hole area.  I carefully cut each thread making sure I didn’t damage the fabric.  The end result is a pretty blouse with what looks like a “cap sleeve” that works perfectly with my arms.


Hack #2: Skirt Too Long or Have a Double Tummy?

The skirt is a bit too long for my 5’0 height BUT I wear my skirts over my muffin – above my natural waist.  This keeps it from rolling down the fold of my tummy.  I make sure I buy one size larger so that the skirt will rest comfortably over my muffin.  This also works in bringing the hem of those longer skirts up a few inches without needing to have it altered.

Hack #3: Want to elongate a short torso?

Converting the that skirt to a “high waist” skirt will surely do the trick!  Not only will it add inches to your body but when wearing a crop top or simply tucking in your blouse or shirt – It will bring the eye to the accented smaller part of your “waist.”

Told ya’ it was simple!  Didn’t need to pull out my sewing kit for these hacks.   Look how lovely this all looks!

Do you like it?  What are your thoughts? Do tell!

Blouse: H&M Size Large (No longer available)

Skirt:  Modamix Size 20W <<<CLICK HERE>>>  H&M.BBWGeneration.com.Lips.2


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