WonderCon: Abilities Friendly Event Review & Tips!


Have you always wanted to attend WonderCon but wondered if it was Abilities Friendly? I’m taking out the worry and sharing TIPS to help you feel confident when attending.


Amazing Cosplay On Ghostbusters (Attendees)

First: What Is WonderCon?  Wondercon is a convention that happens every year in Anaheim, Ca.  This year (2016) it took place in the Los Angeles Convention Center due to construction but will be back in Anaheim for 2017.  This convention covers everything in the Comic Book, Science Fiction and Motion Pictures world.  Many attendees dress up in their favorite characters in what is known as “Cosplay.”

This Con is Family Friendly and offers special screenings for the young ones in the family.  There’s also an enormous section filled with vendor booths that will appease every collector/fan young and old.  Various writers, producers, actors and artists are showcased and offer signing opportunities and are part of panels offering talks and details on all the various subjects that this industry entails.  Awesome right?


Children With R2D2 (Attendees)

This is my 2nd year attending and brought my children for the first time.  They were in awe to see so many people Cosplay and enjoyed people watching as we spotted our favorite characters and gained inspiration for future outfits.  We walked the full event and they loaded up on their favorite collectibles and artists.  Needless to say they were too tired to attend more than one day with me.


Accessibility:  Wheelchair/Walker/Stroller – There are Ramps, Elevators, Escalators and Lifts

Active Level (1 Being Low Activity – 10 Being High Activity): 8


Step Count for ONE Day Is:  9,363 *Does NOT include parking structure or Theater Events by Staples Center.

  • Check-In to the “Deaf and Disabled Services” Department FIRST. Let them know if you have a service prodiver accompanying you.
  • Food: There’s a food court by the vendor booth rooms (Both Los Angeles and Anaheim Convention Center.)  There’s also catering trucks outside the main entrance that covers almost every dietary need.   *Carry a water bottle for medication as there may be long lines depending on the time of day.  
  • Bring your “seat walker” as the sitting areas are far and few in between and found them normally full.
  • WARNING: Expect large crowds.  Speak to your Health Provider if you have anxiety and/or panic attacks in large crowds or confined space.  They will be best to advise if you should attend or which course to take to help.
  • Get there early. I found there to be smaller crowds and more room to maneuver around and enjoy.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, if you’re walking.  There is a lot of walking and standing.
  • Bring a hand held fan/paper fan.  This helps when it gets too warm and needed fresh air (I have asthma and this helped tremendously.
  • Parking: Please check their website for details: WonderCon.com

The isles are wide and the metal chairs are large and sturdy.  You are more than welcome to use two chairs if needed and have reserved seating at all panels and theaters for wheel chair access as well as Sign language Interpreters.  All the restrooms have 1-2 large stalls so please give yourself time as there may be a line.

The convention lasts 3 days and suggest to attend them in portions if a full day may be too much for you or the little ones.  The schedule for each day’s events is shared on line to help plan your visit and includes the map for each floor and room.  This comes in handy to help hone in to what you want to watch/attend, there’s so much to choose from that you’ll have a hard time deciding!

Doesn’t it sound GREAT? You will experience something out of this world and if you have any kiddos they too will have a blast just as mine unexpectedly did.  This Con welcomes you with OPEN ARMS! Go ahead and REGISTER right now and you’ll receive a notification as soon as the 2017 tickets are being sold at:  WonderCon.com

Are there any questions I didn’t cover?  Did my review help in putting your fears to rest and interested in attending?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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This is my MASH-UP Cosplay of “Sadness” and Wonder Woman



  1. April 1, 2016 / 6:16 pm

    My hubby really want to attend this year, as he is very comic savvy and work on VFX, so he enjoys this kind of events. I wasn’t thinking of taking my kid, but now you say so… It would be a good idea!

    On the other hand, I loved the Cyanide and Happiness video. I follow them on twitter and they are always pulling the strings for a good (though politically incorrect) laugh. Hope you kept the draw!

    • April 2, 2016 / 2:33 am

      Awesome! Note: WonderCon is a smaller Con that happened last week. It will be back at Anaheim, CA in 2017. Maybe you’re thinking of ComicCon, which I have not been fortunate to get a ticket to as of yet. Maybe, that’s the Con he’s planning to attend? If so, that is the main event that is much bigger with bigger crowds.

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