WonderCon: My FIRST Con EVER!

WonderCon 2015 

OHHH EMMMM GGGEEEEE!!!  I didn’t know what to expect and was crazy excited to finally attend one after years of being registered for Comic-Con and never being fast enough to purchase a pass before they were sold out.  Wondercon takes place closer to home – Anaheim – and my work schedule finally allowed me to attend one and purchased my pass the moment they came on line.
Last October I planned my Wonder Woman suit for whichever Con I was lucky enough to attend – by golly I was going to attend one in 2015 come Heaven or Hell *Raises Fist!*  AND I DID.  Pinch me I think I’m dreaming!  I pulled my suit out the night before and set my alarm at 5 a.m. to get my hair, makeup and feed the puppies, bird as well as make sure Momz was good with me being away most of the day.  
I made a quick stop at the pharmacy for “3M Mounting Tape” to secure my Wonder Woman Logo to my red corset, then jumped on the freeway and headed over to Anaheim Convention Center.  Plan and expect traffic and I left early enough that I did great time and a good parking spot.
The event was quite organized!  There were 100’s if not 1,000’s of people in line with me getting registering then moving over to another section to wait in line to enter.  I met a few people around me while waiting that shared their excitement, telling me about their experience at ComicCon and welcoming me to my first experience.  It was sweet!
I walked the full exhibit halls row by row and just took it all in.  There was a huge display of artists, comic books, supplies, toys, clothing and just about anything you can think of that you can buy as an aficionado.  A few exhibitors complimented me on my suit or asked for a picture with me.  All the while I kept an eye out for Wonder Woman paraphernalia and didn’t find as much as I had anticipated but did find a couple of amazing items.  
So I spotted this smiling Wonder Woman behind this exhibitor table and HAD to ask for a pic with her.  Too much cuteness!!!  AND I found out all about their “Custom Comic Book Inspired Convertible Dresses!”  I swooned, I at their magnificent designs and just MUST own one soon!  She also told me they don’t charge extra for PLUS SIZE!  I’m crushing on their designs so hard.
You can make them short, long and be as creative as you would like with how you wrap them on you.  I can’t wait to get one or two or three for myself.   Their site has full video tutorials to help achieve some looks that are clear and easy to follow too.
Here’s their website and let them know Wonder Woman sent ya’! 😉
Facebook: <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Instagram: <<<CLICK HERE>>>
The next booth that caught my eye was the one with a pinup/retro Wonder Woman print called “She Can Do It!”  This booth was filled with retro toys, prints and current toys/accessories.  I was having a hard time getting a clear picture as there was so many people there but Stu (owner) was kind enough to take a moment to pose for me.  I have to tell you his booth was the only one that had a DJ in a “box” playing some upbeat tunes and the most organized from all that I had seen.  
The following is his website and even though I didn’t see the prints offered on line I’m sure you can contact him directly for purchasing information.  The poster is GORGEOUS and I didn’t find any like these int he 100’s of booths I walked through AND it was very affordable.  You’ll be seeing it on my wall and will show up on the pics/videos that I make at home for sure!
Website:  www.iHadThoseToys.com
Facebook:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Instagram:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>

The following is their official Facebook video of the booth today.  Since I couldn’t get clear pictures I’m glad I found their video to share with you all.

Don’t miss PART DEUX – with MORE Exhibitors YOU NEED TO KNOW: 

Day one at #wondercon with DJ Havok down from San Francisco, spinning all weekend at booth 1448.
Posted by I Had Those Toys on Friday, April 3, 2015

Up next is the booth that I picked up gifts for my kiddos.  They’re very much in to “Minecraft” just like most kiddos playing on line games right now.  Again, another item I didn’t see in the 100’s of booths there.  These are 3D printer plastic figures that are fully jointed too!

To make sure I picked out the character the kiddos most wanted I took a picture of the display and they responded with a circled character.  This brought a smile to the owner as I showed him which they wanted.  Ha!  My kiddos are quite creative and exact, thankfully.

The website offers customized Minecraft characters for you to order in 4″ or 7″ at very affordable pricing.  He also ships Internationally… ding.. ding… ding!

I have to tell you, my kiddos are going to want one printed with their own Minecraft characters… heck I want one myself, but need to start playing first.

Website:  www.seuscraft.com
Facebook:  www.seuscraft.com
Youtube:  www.youtube.com/user/seuscorp

 My last booth was also a treat!  I fell in love with the “Pixie Ear Cuffs” and decided to complete my look with the gold wired that are very light and slipped right over my existing large pearl earrings.  I’ve worn other ear cuffs and these were very comfortable and beyond gorgeous!

Their Etsy Shop carries many designs from the gold tone to steam punk.  I think these are some fun accessories I would love to collect and use as a weekend accessory.  They completely transform you style by a slip of the “ear.”  Ha!

Website:  www.Etsy.com/shop/Bottivingelo 

Facebook:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Instagram:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>

Can you tell I had a BLAST here?!  It was a bit overwhelming for a bit with so many people but the exhibit halls are enormous and accommodated the attendees well.  There was something for just about every budget and large food courts in two of the 3 exhibit halls.  In addition there were a multitude of gourmet food trucks lined up at the main entrance of the convention center if you’re in the mood for something more exotic.

There’s A LOT of walking involved.  Please keep this in mind when planning your outfit and health status.  I did find a couple of people struggling to make it back to the parking lot – which are a long ways from the center.  Bring your walkers with seat if you’re not on a motorized device as there aren’t any seats to rest during the trek to/from the parking lot.  There is ADA access as well as restrooms available as well.

There’s 1-3 Day passes available.  I purchased the 1-Day pass ($27 *May change each year)  as I wanted to do a short visit and plan for next year’s attendance with my children. Parking was $15.

Note:  YOU MUST REGISTER on line BEFORE HAND to be able to purchase passes.  Your one registration will work for both Comic-Con and Wondercon.  You can not purchase at the door so just get on line right now and register:

There is an intense schedule of exhibits that happen throughout the day and change with each date of attendance.  They’re quite interesting and sadly I wasn’t able to attend one as I had to rush back home to care for my Momz.  You can view the itineraries on line prior to the event and map out which you’d like to take part in.

There were many families there and was a great environment.  Many kids wore their own suits and their excitement was contagious.   I recommend this event for those that love comics and/or dressing in their favorite characters… even if you like to people watch as this is the event for you!  Make it a family affair and theme you outfits.  The families that COSPLAY together have more fun! Ha!

Here’s some more pictures I remembered to take… Sorry, my lens went out of whack and didn’t know until I got home to upload them.  Also, I was asked to take many pictures and forgot to take pictures myself.  This is when I miss my children to go camera crazy at the event.  I promise to bring them with me next time for a more thorough and clear pictures.  🙂

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