WomenPreneurs This Ones For You! (Amazing People)


Are you a Woman Entrepreneur? You need to attend this!  

Yesterday I attended a my first “telecoaching” session.  It was overwhelmingly amazing that I signed up for another session in the series today! 

After yesterday’s session I took away a mix of inspiration, understanding, new resources and a sense of “AHA!”  It re-kindled my passion in the projects I’m working on and put in to action the projects I want to take on – JUST from this ONE call. 

Now I want to share the experience with you and am giving away ONE ticket to one of my readers.  If you’re an WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR and are looking for more streams of income…
**DROP A COMMENT BELOW!  TELL me what is the passion that has sustained your business/dream. 

As soon as a few of you respond I will choose one lucky gal to gift this session to.  You will need to be available to call in on April 19th at 7PM (Eastern Time)  4PM (Pacific Time).

There will ONLY be 25 tickets to this call so it’s a BIG DEAL that you are able to attend.  If for any reason you’re not able to do so please let me know ASAP and will pass this ticket over to one of the other ladies.

You are also able to purchase them before February 24th at the “early bird” price of $24. <<<CLICK HERE>>>


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