Wear Heels? You Need : “Pump Pouches!” (My Review)

Don’t let those heels give you pain

I started wearing heels again after a long hiatus.  My feet were not used to them any more and can we say “PAIN?!”

I went on the hunt for ANYTHING that will lessen the pain and let me walk in heels with FULL confidence.  The local pharmacy has a wall full of items claiming to be the answer to our doggies barkin’.  I tried gel insoles, half insoles, heel insoles, heel pads, padded insoles, message insoles, memory foam insoles… so on so forth…

The gel insoles were great – UNTIL you turn up the heat and your foot is sliding or the insole starts rolling up and becoming uncomfortable.  I couldn’t find an insole that would stay put!  I even tried the booties but they too slid off my heel and I was constantly tugging and re-positioning them.

The item that came in 2nd place are the memory foam insoles that you can cut to size.  They work great in closed shoes BUT not in heels.  These soles have no glue or strip to keep it in place and embarrassingly slid out of my heels.  Eeeekkk!!!
So, today I went in to the pharmacy once more before I got to the office.  I eyed a product that wasn’t as appealingly packaged with the following in bold black letter: “Amazing Wraparound Toe Cushions”
It looked similar to “half booties” which I also have tried and quickly threw away.  I then noticed it had a hole to feel the item through and it was padded!  I turned the package over and states it’s the “Ballerina’s Secret” and that caught my attention.  I continued reading and discovered the softness is a gel INSIDE fabric.  The price was also a deciding factor – a few cents over $5.

I went to my car, slipped off my heels and quickly put them on.  I soon discovered that it was HEAVEN IN MY TOES!!!  I tried to keep faith and hoped that this feeling and product will last my running through Downtown and up and down the 2nd floor office I practically live in.

I can’t stop RAVING on how amazing this item is!  It lasted ALL day and my feet were more than happy by the time I slipped off the hells… I mean heels.  *wink*

  • The “Pump Pouches” kept my foot from sliding deeper in to my pointy shoes – YAY!
  • The item can easily be cut to to size for the heels that are designed with a shorter shoe style.
  • The gel inside the material flattened on the pudgy to part of my little round feet, which allowed for a comfy fit and not feel like my toes were having their blood circulation rationed – YAY!
  • The cushioning under my toes and the area where most of my weight sits in the heels stayed cushioned throughout the 14 hours I have been wearing them – SUPER YAY!!!
  • PLUS – The product has a FULL Guarantee to return the item for a refund or free replacement – AWESOME YAY!
These “Pump Pouches” get my TWO TOES UP!  Try them and experience what I’m describing for yourself!  If you don’t like them, return them and try another item.  I just wish they had a similar product to work with open toe shoes.  While researching this product I did find a “Toe-Kini” from this manufacturer that I will be ordering and posting a review on once I receive it.
Please let me know if you find other heavenly feet products for me to try out.  My little feet will thank you.
Lets conquer the world with less/no pain limbs!
The following are detailed pictures (from their site) on this item and can be found at your local pharmacy, Ebay and various on line sites.  (Web search for ProFoot Foot Pouches and they will come right up):

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