My New Found Family #WeAllGrow Summit 2016

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My Extended #WAG Family: Katie (Left) and Jeniffer from “Hydrangea Hippo) – DIY Crafts

#WeAllGrow is a Nexus where Latina Influencers, Bloggers and Brands/Organizations supporting the growing Latina presence in Media meet.  This is it’s 2nd year and am honored to have attended both summits to witness how much it’s changed and grown not only as an event but of the attendees themselves has been magical!

Prior to last year’s summit I felt lost and no matter how much I tried finding answers to many of the questions arising as my own blogging continued to take on form, I couldn’t reach the answers because they weren’t shared or existed.  How does one find the needle in a hay stack if we didn’t know we were looking for a needle? I felt isolated not knowing which direction to take.  As normal I attended the 2015 Summit alone and did see other bloggers I followed and supported but not personally and slowly sank in to a corner and watched….

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AHHMMAAZZIING Food Bloogger (Middle) “The Other Side Of The Tortilla” and Writer/Blogger and FAMILIA “Unknown Mami

Then, these gals came out of nowhere and asked if they could hug me?!  This moment was the start of a new family.  These ladies read my posts and sharing of my life in the Facebook Group for attendees.  They cried when they read my account of what my children and I have survived and wanted to hug me through their computer.  They are the sweetest gals around and thanks to them I felt welcomed and loved.  With each Field Trip, Event and Session my little family of 3 had grown in to double digits.  THIS is the GREATEST gift that any event could have given me.

2016-03-04 12.29.51 HDRThe year since the 2015 Summit was filled with connections I have made with Brands, Organizations, Latina leaders and social media mavens.  I looked forward to this 2016 Summit to hug all the family I had only connected cyberly and made new family members.  This is my journey that transcends beyond what the event can give me but what I can offer to those around me.  There was an impacting subject on Survival that I wasn’t prepared for.  Meeting in an intimate setting with Rosie River to speak on her book, “Mis Pedazos Rotos” (My Broken Pieces) opened old wounds that not many knew I had.  As I sat next to one of my “Hermanitas” (Sisters) that I found last summit and revealed our experience with sexual abuse and survival with Rosie we cried and comforted each other as they were very deep and we had not made public yet.

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Blogger/Vlogger from Mexico City Mama Gallina

With each Session I learned another piece of myself and for myself.  I was connecting dots and came across Latinas that inspired me to be more and to some I inspired to do the same.   For me it went beyond connecting with brands and connected with individuals in a deeper level.  I felt whole and refreshed as I was struggling in balancing my blogging/humanitarian work with my career and family life.  With each person I met I felt my soul refill with strength and perseverance.  I was centered once again and gained new tools to strive higher and further.

NEUTROGENA Makeover with the AMAZING Erick Cuesta (INSTAGRAM: @erickcuestatv)

If there is ONE event you can go to – due to finances and/or time – THIS is the one I recommend.  You will grow in ways you never thought you could or needed to AND there is food galore!!  Ha!


Photo Credit: Robson Muzel and We All Grow Summit

This is my Journey and it’s only just begun…



Writer/Blogger TrilceO

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The One and Only Crafty Chica

MazdaUSA Field Trip


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  1. March 28, 2016 / 10:00 pm

    Dear Liz,

    I met you on the train yesterday … first attracted to you due to your blue face and Wonder Woman outfit. But after we spoke for awhile the attraction centered on what an extraordinary woman you are! I believe you truly are Wonder Woman and an inspiration to many other women. I’m SO glad I met you!
    Audrey (with the gray hair)

    • March 29, 2016 / 1:50 am

      Thank you Audrey! This is so sweet to read and so glad you found me 🙂
      All 3 of you are so kind and hope you enjoyed your trip to El Mercadito!

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