Vintage Dress.. Super Fun & Comfy (Outfit Of The Day)

Vintage to me is a “one of a kind” clothing item that you can bet no one else will wear or have!  How great is that?!

Finding Vintage dresses in a cut and size that flatters, fits and is comfortable.. well, that’s a TALL order indeed!  I go out to local flea markets, 2nd hand stores, vintage stores throughout Southern Cali and usually come home with a TON of jewelry and trinkets and RARELY if EVER do I find clothing items that fit me correctly.

Now I follow the page of a plus size model that is shaped like I am and has quite a collection of vintage items.  Luckily she puts a few of these vintage pieces up for sale AND she models them!  It’s great seeing how these items fit her and have a very good idea of how it will look on my own body.

Her Facebook Link is:

When I saw this beautiful dress I saw endless possibilities… combining it with different belts, shoes, jewelry, sweaters, scarves, blazers – and after wearing it I think I want to find a vintage looking faux collars made of pearls or vamp it up with a stud design!  Can you tell I’m excited?

Today I played it safe, plus it’s still HOT weather out (even though this morning is gloomy) and wanted to keep it cool and professional for work.  LOVE the material, but did wear my “Genie” cami and “spanx” for added control.  Somehow light/white pieces make me more self conscience about what you can see through the material.  *Shrug*

Do you have vintage pieces you’ve found and LOVE?  I want to see and feature you here!

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