The Botanical Bold That ONLY Juul Couture Can Bring To You!

I have a few Facebook Friends that are Plus Size Models.  I read my news feeds and up came these gorgeous pics of Dark and Bold floral prints on familiar faces.  The models were genuinely enjoying themselves and could feel it through their pictures and posts.  I opened up the video of the fashion show that took place on Saturday, February 22nd, in New York City and….

The colors and designs have me EXCITED!

Nothing says Spring Time like beautiful flowers on pretty dresses.  I had been researching fashion trends and had thought to myself, “Why does Spring bring to mind pastels only?”
Even the yellows in my closet are bright and was ready to just jump over to summer trends to feed my fashionista mind.  THEN here you find me, raving about these GORGEOUS designs that not only matches my personality but also comes in my size!

I’m on the other side of the world (Los Angeles) and her show took place in New York.  I decided to bring to us the EXCITEMENT of this fashion show to you and myself.  In doing so I reached out to my model friends  that walked the runway wearing Juul Couture designs for an impromptu, short and sweet interview and received an ever so touching response.  I’m hoping you feel the comradere and unity that I enjoy witnessing.  Ladies you make me proud AND Juul Couture I can’t wait to meet you one day as these ladies LOVE YOU to pieces!!

First from the view of the attendee – One of my Fashion Muses – Sasha “The Glamazon” Renee:

I want to bring the reader the 1st person experience as the onlooker.  Your thoughts on what you saw first hand?
I loved her looks, they featured bright and vibrant colors (lots of stylish floral patterns.  With Spring around the corner I could easily seemyself trying to make many of these outfits (worn) for a Sunday brunch with my girlfriends…

Are there any favorites?
I was a big fan of the bright colors combined with the animal prints.

Sasha (3rd Beauty from the right) with the Lady behind Juul Couture, Rhonda (4th Beauty from the right), and the plus size models that strutted her designs at “The Real Way Fashion Brunch Show” that took place this past Saturday at “YOTEL” in New York City.

The dress that is Sasha’s Top Pic (AND one of my favorites from Juul Couture’s Spring Line):
Yellow Botanical Strapless Gown

Picture courtesy of Juul Couture Website

The following are the short interviews I had with a few of the models that walked the runway for Juul Couture.  These are the questions I had them ponder with:

Can you give me a behind the scenes experience working on the run way for Juul Couture?
What is Rhonda’s (The Lady Behind This Company) vision for Juul Couture through YOUR eyes?

Do you have a favorite design and why?

Nicole Flores
Facebook Page:
Here is an image of me during the “Evolution of Curves Show” (modeling Juul  Couture).  I LOVE this outfit.  It reads Naughty, Sexy and Classy all at the same time for me.  Her outfits are always Curve Hugging (and) the Spring Collection is filled vibrancy in color.  Some pieces offer a flowy feminine appeal.
Juul Couture is for the Curvy Diva who isn’t afraid to be bold and stand out!
Ingrid Gray Rose
Facebook Page:
“… her fashion is unique yet sexy and fits the (on to) the shae of your figure.  I felt covered, sassy yet sexy in her floral printed dress.  Her Botanical Print Collection is very colorful for the Summer and (the perfect) tropical vacation wear.”

Annoula Dritsa
Facebook Page:
I have been modeling for Rhonda (Juul Couture) for over a year.  I truly love her designs because she really knows how to make fashionable pieces for the curvy woman.  Her pieces are very feminine, classy and sophisticated.  In the new collection, she has lots of vibrant colors and bold patterns that are great for Spring and Summer.  Her pieces transform you!
When I wore my outfit on Saturday and this botanical ruffled dress at another show, it made me want to go on vacation.  You feel sexy without showing too much and classy at the same time.
I think Rhonda’s goal is to make women feel (the) way I do when I wear her clothing line.  You feel confident and there’s something always striking when you wear a piece of clothing that makes you feel good, but you look good as well.  She really knows how to dress each person’s body type!
I loved modeling for Rhonda (Juul Couture) at YOTEL on Saturday.. you never know who you’ll be seeing while on the runway…. it opens up your designs to potential buyers being that a lot of people outside of NYC stay here!  You have the opportunity to make international connections that you never thought to do before.  Every opportunity is a new way to connect and expand.

Makiba Malcom
Facebook Page:

In 2013 I met Rhonda… Her personality was and is still key.  Everything about her clothing line looks like and makes me feel like I’m in the Caribbean.  That is always a good thing!  It fits my curves very well… and this one right here especially.
I was like “ME… wait you want me in that?”
I felt so honored to be in this.  I’m going to remember this (experience) like it was yesterday.
I’m so proud of her (Rhonda – Juul Couture.)  She had her mind set and it’s coming out just fine.  I love that woman… I tell her every time I get the chance.  She tells me “Stop before you make me cry.”
Rhonda’s story through my eeys is that she is fulfilling her dreams.  She’s in a world where she wants to be.  She’s focused consistant and in control.  Like I call myself – she’s a butterfly.

*I will add more interviews of the participating Plus Size Models as they filter in.  Follow the post for their updates.*

Now, don’t these sincere words just take you to the moment?  I want to know more about Rhonda and Juul Couture!  I can’t wait to own one of her designs as well.  Are you craving the bold Spring as I certainly am?

See the full line at:

A HUGE GRACIAS to everyone that gave me a moment of their time to contribute to my article.
*All pictures were submitted by the models unless otherwise noted.

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