Summer Masquerade (Outfit Of The Day)

There is a lingerie store in Atlantic Square right next to a Rite Aid in East L.A./Monterey Park, CA.  It’s been there for years but they always  had straight sized manikins and nothing on their display ever gave me the impression that they carried plus sized items.

On this day I decided to venture in as my kiddos ate their ice cream in the shade.  I was in search for a bra extender for a chain piece I wanted to try for a shoot.  What I found was a good selection of undergarments, corsets and hosiery for Plus Size.  Prices were reasonable and the products were great for fantasy wear.

As neared the register I found a display case with gorgeous masks.  I had to try one on and this is the one I chose.  Sadly my professional camera’s battery died when we were attempting to take this shoot.  Forgive me as I had to use our regular point and shoot for these pics.  I promise to do another set with my real camera.
This store does not sell on line BUT I found similar masks on Ebay:   <<<CLICK HERE>>>

I enjoy role playing and having fun pieces to play with.  I like to wear fashion/fantasy corsets out to a club.  This blinged out bra really channeled my inner “Selena” and had me singing “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” all day!  I can wear this under a blazer, faux jacket or all on it’s own if I felt so adventurous.  It has the beading detail all the way to the back and shoulder straps.  It is an “XL” and fit me big even though I wear a 42D.  It is an eye catching piece and very comfortable to wear.  I found this same design but not in clear… yet the other colors are GORGEOUS too!
Fuchsia:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Red:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>

 Now that Halloween is nearing there are tons of events one can step outside the norm and try something fun like these pieces.  Life is an adventure and am fortunate to still have the passion for it!

*Necklace was an Ebay Lot I won a bid for some time last year.  Sorry, link is not available.

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