Single Mama On A Budget Tip: NO Cable = Netflix… Oh WHAT FUN I’m Having!!!

Day 2 of “Cable Cold Turkey”… Bwahahahaaa!  Let me say that I didn’t watch much television as it was.  I did watch the news, documentaries and the TOONS were a MUST in my home with a 8 and 10 year old.

On my 1st day of vacation the I slept like a bear after dropping off the children at their field trip to a local water park.  I wasn’t feeling up to being out in the sun for 8 hours surrounded by 100 children that all know me and would feel bad if all I wanted to do was lay in the cabana while they wanted me to go on the water slides with them. Any other day I would, but after going through an intense Reconciliation Deadline prior to my 2 days off on Vacation, that I had to brow beat for after working there for almost 2 years. Yes, I am burnt and my body proved to need the rest.

I decided to fire up my XBox and work on updating our Netflix and Hulu Apps on it. After about 30 minutes of downloading and rebooting all the Apps I could find I became VERY excited on the Xbox T.V. application I saw.  I couldn’t make it work but will do a review once I sink my teeth in to it and find the particulars.  I am STOKED like you can’t believe.. I’m such a NERD!

Anyhow, I have heard of a few great series these past years I just couldn’t commit to specific times and days of revolving my schedule around t.v.  NOW, I can have marathons during my hours of endless typing on FB, my Blog and while writing my book.

At this very moment I am on Episode 3 of the 1st Season of One of “HEROES”… I am LITERALLY hooked!

Can’t wait to see what more I will discover on this ADVENTURE!

Feel free to leave more recommendations of series I need to get addicted to.. OYE!

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