She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Winnie Polka-Dot FATkini

Swimsuits For ALL Polka-Dot FATkini

Just like “Bryan Hyland” sang:
She was as nervous as she could be
She was afraid to come out of the locker
She was afraid that somebody would see….
It was quite true with me, but then… POW!  There was NO towel or cover up on THIS FATkini Bod!!!  I was struttin’ and posing like a Sports Illustrated Model Mwahahahaaa!
Can you feel my excitement?  The photo shoot was quite interesting with my Son and I taking two hiking trails to get to the cliff and then to the rocks where you see pictures from both locations shared in this post.  One location I hung over the edge of a cliff trying to get the ocean waves in the background and the other I had to brave these tiny little crabs that were all over the “hairy” rocks I had to position myself on.  Oh what memories!  Ha!
Measurements:  47  –  42  –  53                     Height:    5’0
I purchased this FATkini back in February prior to the full impact of my medical trials.  A few months later it did fit me a few sizes bigger and wore a tight fitting regular black bikini top under the top piece for support and folded the bottom piece as it was too loose to look correctly on me fully extended.  I am wearing Size 22 and should wear a size 16/18  for a much better fit.
Top:  Does not have much support.  I normally always wear my strapless bra under my bathing suits and recommend one if you don’t have a small string bikini top.
Bottom:  The bottom is double lined and stays put even when it wasn’t my size.  it has quite a bit of stretch for those needing extra material for a fuller hip area.

There is a limited stock on certain sizes so grab it while you can at:

You can also read my original blog post on polka-dot FATkini sites at:

BBWGeneration| Getting FATkini Ready!Ladies, the perfect “beach body” is the ONE YOU HAVE NOW!  SO grab your FATkini or Swimsuit and hit that beach/pool with FULL confidence.  *Big Smile* 






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