Savings Tip: Your Cable Bill *Insert Horror Sound!*

Is it just me or is the cable/internet bill doubled?!

One day it was $89 and before I knew it it was $200!  It really sneaks up on you and comes at you out of nowhere.  Like most people, I eyeball the bill details and try to identify anything out of the ordinary… and found NOTHING.

I call their customer service and am informed that the “promotion” I was under has “ended.”  Okay?? Then I ask what packages are available to bring down my bill.  More than not, they can never match it and there I am paying $20 more.  Six months later… BAM! Another hike, and before I know it I’m staring at a bill for $192!!! Like WHAT THE WHAT?!

Stopping the Madness

Sure, I LOVE watching our favorite shows but is it $192/month worthy? I thought LONG and HARD on this one.  As much as I LOVE my “Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” I just could NOT justify this bill.  Realizing this is more than my car insurance payment and almost a car payment, I decided to search for a better way.

I read articles, talked to friends and decided to sign up for SLING TV and ordered my ROKU. WHY hasn’t anyone told me about this?  Seriously LOVE this and watch it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I’ve been binge watching shows I just never was home to watch while they a AND I enjoy them more as I have some APPS with no commercials… Heck YEAH!

Now, I can watch them on my big screen tv or on my cell phone.  I have an “a la carte” service where I purchase the channels/apps I want to watch with a “cloud based” DVR to catch the shows I am unable to watch live.  FAWWWNNNCCYY!

The Dollars and Cents

I can geek out right about now and do all my math and charts, but I won’t.  I basically just kept my internet service and stream away at my little heart’s content.  Internet Service in East Los Angeles is running $62.  I can find cheaper but decided to stick around a little longer and wait for pricing to go down with the competitors.

SLING TV offers packages as low as $20 and you can add your favorite channels.  ROKU was very easy to connect and the controller has a button to my favorite APP’s like: Amazon, HULU and Netflix

Now I’m basically paying less than a $100/month and adding that $92 I’m saving from my cable bill to our family vacation fund.  How about that!

Have you said “GOOD BYE” to your cable bill yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?!


*This post contains affiliate links.  My opinions are my own.


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