Rent The Runway: Sagar Island Dress by Bibhu Mohapatra (Outfit Of The Day)

Mini Me Gorgeously Dressed For My 41st BDay Celebration

How better to celebrate this special day that with my children beside me shining just as bright as I! My Son chose to stick behind the camera but so glad my Daughter felt confidently beautiful to stand in front of it.  Just seeing her face light up when I helped her in this dress was the greatest gift I could ever receive.
Gone is that little girl that has grown up with a battered self esteem from an eating disorder she horrifically developed when she was 4 years old.  As she’s entering her teen years my goal is to help her feel the beauty that I see.  She and my Son are the catalyst to my blogging and am excited to have her join me in fashion shoots for my blog now and then.
I chose a dress that matches the gold sequined gown I was wearing (See earlier posts.)  The print is fun and youthful with an intricate bodice and waist detail.  She’s wearing Size 12 and normally wears a Size 8/10 but this dress has no stretch, so keep that in mind.   The straps are for a longer torso but I was able to adjust it with pins for a wearable fit.    The trumpet skirt is light but gives form with the way the material adds fullness in the cut.  
The only accessory for her look is this “Ladybug Tally Clutch” from Kate Spade.  This clutch was perfect to tie in her comfortable short heeled retro inspired shoes I found for her locally.  
This look is perfect for a special event such as wedding, proms or any other dressy occasion.  We spent my Birthday at the Opera and was a grand affair that I’m confident will leave a lasting memory for my children.  
This dress is a $1,500 design that is available as a rental for $35 by “Rent The Runway.”  The Kate Spade clutch is also from Rent The Runway and Retails for $298 and can be rented for $45. 
Rent The Runway “Sagar Island Dress” Link:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Rent The Runway “Ladybug Tally Clutch” Link:   <<<CLICK HERE>>>
I’m part of their newest program offered to a few customers as a monthly subscription.  This is our first experience on the service and will do a full review once we have a few more months of using their service.  So far we love the pieces we have received and look forward to future deliveries. 

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