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Health & Recipes Co-Exist In My World!
In my life, similar to many others, the HEAVENLY taste of food IS LIFE!  I enjoy a variety of foods and most especially fresh fruits and vegetables.  Now that I’m hitting 40 years of LIFE I am viewing food in a whole new light.  Finding out the GOODNESS of all that Mother Earth hands over to us has been an amazing experience.

In this section you will find my path towards balancing these two very important pieces in my life. A quest of finding YUMMY food that are not only great tasting but “Good For You” AKA “Healthy Good” all in one.

I will reference some of my favorite sites, tv shows and clips that I come across.  There’s some AMAZING ones out there too.

I encourage you to submit any recipes and or requests and/or suggestions for this project.  I do not eat sea food and would LOVE for you to be my guest to add such items with tidbits of information!

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**Disclosure:  I am an ACCOUNTANT and in NO way, shape or form, AM (NOT) a Health Guru.  Information provided is per my own experience, insights and research from other humans on line, books and/or articles.
PLEASE seek the advice of your Doctor when making any changes to your diet.

Much LOVE.. and.. Let the YUMMINESS begin!

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