Re-Purposing My Gwynnie Bee Delivery Boxes (Organize)

As you know, the majority of my reviews are from my Gwynnie Bee Subscription.  When I receive a delivery from them it comes in these very sturdy white boxes.  At first I kept a few to use to package Christmas gifts and recycled the rest.

I have been using these boxes to organize myself and store:

  • Necklaces
  • bracelets 
  • scarf collection
Being the DIY Queen that I am,  a couple of decades ago I re-purposed a lateral filing cabinet as a chest.  I spray painted it in GRANITE (It was the thing back then – don’t judge me) and has stayed in my old room at my Momz house.  I love this furniture piece for it’s deep drawers and being sturdy – aside from the “granite” wearing off Ha!  
Today I decided to clean out my drawers and after placing a few pieces aside to donate I still had a mess. I had a collection of empty Gwynnie Bee boxes staring right at me and the light bulb in my brain went off *Ping!*  
I separated my undies by comfy/daily designs from my super girly lace collection.  I cut the lid off the box and Vualá I had the NEATEST drawer EVER!  The lateral cabinet has very deep drawers and was able to stack two boxes.  My lace collection went on the bottom and my comfy/daily collection went on top.
Then as I was folding the items on the bottom drawer I had a huge stack of leggings.  Can someone tell me WHY I never seem to find the right leggings when I’m looking for them AND come to find out I have a rather large collection???!!  So, I pulled out another of my large Gwynnie Bee boxes and my leggings fit perfectly in it.  I cut the top off and put it on top of my workout/t-shirt collection.  Once I get another large boxed shipment I plan to put my Hello Kitty t-shirts in it and another box for shorts etc…

After looking at my drawers I feel like I’ve done SOMETHING in my life!  Mwahahahahaaa!!!

Brilliant Right?!

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  1. March 31, 2014 / 3:05 pm

    What a great idea! Intead of putting mine in the recycling bin, I put an ad on the free section of Criagslist once I've collected up the 10-15 I get for that month. I've given away my extras to a lady who gives away pies and cookies in them, a teenager with an antique manuscript collection, a crafter, a lady who wrapped christmas gifts to donate to a family in need, and a professional organizer! They're so great!

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