She-Ra An 80’s Heroine! COSPLAY

cosplay-shera-bbwgeneration-com-1a-1As children we grow up connecting with characters we watched on television and/or on screen.  It is a nice reminder of the boundless amount of imagination and magic we once had.  Through the years we forget how much they mean to us then BAM – we see a meme or a fan art and it triggers the unlocking of that childhood memory.  It is a magical feeling and am so glad I am in tune with my inner-child that I find great pleasure bringing a favorite character to life via Cosplay.  Today I bring you She-Ra!

If you’re an 80’s child you will remember She-Ra the “Princess of Power.”  She is the twin sister of He-Man and created by Mattel and Filmation to appeal to young girls, just as He-Man did to the boys.  Like many children I tuned in to every episode – all 92 episodes to be exact.  My love for unicorns stemmed from this animation on animation.

The children in the neighborhood used quotes of their favorite characters as we raised imaginary swords and battled evil.  There was no separation of which universe each hero/heroine came from.  All that mattered was that each of us felt strength and love for the one we were playing as.  The good ‘ol days you know!

Here I am 30+ years later and am still fighting the good fight.  I mostly wear civilian clothes but once in awhile I indulge in a Cosplay rendition.  I have been placing the pieces together for She-Ra for the past couple of months.  Making a piece that is multi-purpose and on a tight budget makes it a tad more challenging, but non the less I accomplished my vision to:

Bring to life a beloved character from my childhood with items I either already have – or – can repurpose those I need to buy.  Also, any collectibles I do invest on can withstand wear tear as I plan to wear them often.


I scavenged the interent for inspiration and ideas.  There’s quite a few Etsy pieces you can incorporate in to your DIY costuming that will make it unique and affordable.  My Etsy purchase was a little splurge.  I wanted a well made head piece that will showcase the details perfectly in person or in photos.  The Etsy artist did a beautiful job and not only is it all that I expected but is also very comfortable to wear!  The Etsy store is “VIVAWW” <<CLICK HERE>>

The collector piece I decided on is the sword.  It is made out of form and majestic in size with the exact jewel in the handle as that of the character.  This sword is also within the guidelines to carry at ComicCon and WonderCon which is also a requirement for my purchase, because She-Ra can’t be without her sword, Duh!  I found it at “Spirit Halloween” for $17 <<<CLICK HERE>>>

The most difficult piece to find was the dress.  I didn’t have a sewing machine and only just came in to one a week ago, which didn’t give me much time to put it together.   To save time, energy and money I went to a few shops and checked their sales rack.  I found this dress for $16.  A total steal!  I don’t wear white do to my magnetic powers of attracting stains but I’m sure just about any dress or combination of dress and blouse will work as long as they are white.  I couldn’t find the matching gold material to my head piece if not I would of added more details to it, but all in all it went well as is.

For the bodice I opted to use an existing necklace that is large and in the teal color to match the sword’s jewel.  The ends were simple to clip/tie to the lace of the dress.  My silver shoes are the perfect combo to tie it all together.

One of my greatest goals as a Cosplayer is to portray characters that I love but also with my own twist to it.  As I child I didn’t see very many heroines that looked like me and even though we’ve made huge strides these past decades, there is still a need for a Petite-Plus Latina Heroine to stir things up.  For this reason I didn’t wear a blonde wig and let my dark hair and eyes give it a Latin twist!

My message to you is:
Be yourself and make each costume as complicated as you want.  You don’t need a huge budget and encourage you use your collectibles in your costuming.  Let your own personality shine through and don’t let “Perfection” keep you from taking that first step in to Cosplay.

Take it from this 5’0 round little Latina that is not letting her 42 years of age define what she can or can not do.  Being in touch with our childhood magic and dreams gives us life and keeps us young!

What do you think about my latest Cosplay?  Do you like it?  What are YOU dressing up as for Halloween??!




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