Posadas Filled With Traditions And Tamales! #AD

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Every child in my neighborhood looks forward to December 16th as our community comes to life ready for our Posadas that take place every night until Christmas Eve.  Homes are filled with magical lights with each night ending in celebration!  Our Posadas always have hot tamales to warm our hands and fill our tummies at the end of the procession.  Thanks to JCPenney I now have the perfect steamer pot for our much loved tamales!


For the next 9 days we re-enact the procession with angels, singing and music.  With candle lights we sing traditional songs in between praying the rosary.  During our walk we stop at neighboring homes that act as Bethlehem “inns” to sing for shelter to house the pregnant Mary who’s ready to give light.  We are turned away until we reach the end of our rosary and are finally given shelter for Mary and Joseph.


It is now time for the children to break the piñatas and catch the “bole” (Money thrown in the air).  We all take part of the feast of tamales, coffee with cinnamon, “champurrado” (chocolate based hot drink thickened with corn dough) and sweet bread.  There’s no wonder why we all look forward to this tradition.


Las Posadas brings friends and neighbors together, and allows us to pass on our traditions to our children.  In sharing this as a community it helps bring us together and help define what the Season of giving is about.  Many families in my East Los Angeles community may not have the ability to have a Christmas celebration or gift for their children.  Las Posadas has become a way to celebrate and share the Magic of the Season and welcomes all families.  The children smile of ear to ear and their joy fills my heart! #JoyWorthGiving

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JCPenney is my one stop store for all our cookware.  My Calphalon steamer will be a staple in our kitchen and key to many of our recipes – from tamales to pasta!  I already have friends that want to swipe it after seeing it on our stove.

Here’s the Steamer I found at JCPenney in action!

How about the BASIC Sweet Tamale Recipe to get you started?  You can make it your own by adding your favorite nuts, fruits, pineapple even chocolate!  Here’s a short video of the steps my Mom and Daughter (their hands technically) modeled for you.

Do you have this steamer?  What’s YOUR tamale recipe OR favorite ? – share it in the comments.

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