Plus Size Wonder Woman… WE EXIST! DIY Cosplay

If you’ve been following my blog or social media pages you would know that I’m a HUGE Wonder Woman fanatic!  Even so I haven’t made a Wonder Woman costume all these years.  It was long past time for me to do so.

I did a quick inventory of my collectible and did a search on Ebay for missing pieces to my creation.  I had a tiny budget and wanted to be able to use certain pieces through out the year.  The one thing I wish I had added budget for was for a good pair of red honest to goodness Wonder Woman costume boots!  I made do with red boot covers that I used some left over car detailing silver tape for the edging.

For my tiara I used my wonder woman belt buckle  that I used a thin but large yellow rubber band to attach to an old gold metal belt plate that came apart earlier this year (I’m a trinket keeper and rarely throw away pretty metal items, ha!)  Then I cut one of my black elastic hair bands and sewed it to the edges of the metal belt to the size of my noggin’.  I placed a neatly folded tissue paper to buffer the metal from my the skin on my forehead so that it didn’t mess up my makeup or make me sweat.
NOTE: The belt loop does stick out and what I recommend is pulling some of your hair through it and styling it back.  I forgot to do this for this photo shoot.  PLUS it’s an AWESOME belt buckle and didn’t want to alter it.

I used a red fashion corset as my top.  I also found this in Ebay for about $18 shipped.  I had an iron-on Wonder Woman logo that I had not used and used clear packaging tape that I tightly rolled pieces on to adhere it neatly to my red corset.  The more of the tiny pieces the better and can also use double sided tape for even better adhesion.   The Logos I also found in Ebay for about $14.

I purchased 1 large remnant of velvet blue material with white stars.  I cut it to my desired length PLUS 3 inches then measured it around my waist and added another 4 inches so that it flowed around my hips… then  hand sewed the side edges together.  The extra 3 inches of length I used I hand sewed a belt tunnel.  I used one of my silver stretchy belts and wiggled it in to the opening.  Took me about an hour to measure, cut and sew.  I also found the material on ebay for $10.

My cape is from my collection that I purchased from Six Flags Magic Mountain a while back.  I did see it on Ebay going from $15-$35.

I found the two matching cuffs at a clothing outlet store for $1 each!  These will also be worn as accessories.

The black belt I had for a while that just didn’t work with my outfits.  I decided to punch a hole in it and used one of our old curtain tie backs as my rope.  Originally I placed my 2nd logo iron on to this belt but it was too big and threw off the look.  I would paint this belt in gold to really make my costume complete.

I already owned long black hair extensions as well as a black curly half wig cap.  I used these to add volume to my hair as well as a defined curl.  This truly brought the look together.

All in all, the costume part – the items I can only use for Halloween is the skirt and the boot covers. For these two items I spent $23 or so.  All the other items I can wear through out the year which is GREAT!

Dressing up for Halloween on a budget is a bit of an adventure… BUT… I am so PROUD of my final product if I do say so myself. *Excuse the crooked belt my Son doesn’t let me know about these things while he’s taking pictures.

P.S. The blue eyes are courtesy of the magic of computers.

What do you think?

Logo Iron On  <<CLICK HERE>>
Belt Buckle   <<CLICK HERE>>
Red Corset (I’m wearing a “5XL” please view their sizing chart)  <<CLICK HERE>>
Boot Covers  <<CLICK HERE>>









    • October 11, 2015 / 11:28 pm

      Thank yo Corina but it's not for sale. 🙂

  1. October 11, 2015 / 7:42 pm

    Girl, That's what I'm talking about. I wish I had your talent! GREAT job on the costume, WW is also my favorite character as well. Having a hard time finding a good costume for my size.

    • October 11, 2015 / 11:28 pm

      Thank you Kimberly! Hopefully this helps you to make your own. There's also a few youtube DIY videos you can try 🙂
      Here's a link to one:

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