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Skin Rash From Sunscreens – NO BUENO!

More often than not I keep reading posts on my Facebook news feed of friends whose children are developing a rash after spending time out in the sun/water.  Each and everyone of them have taken their child(ren) to urgent care/doctor and were told they were allergic to the sunscreens used.
Have you checked the labels to the sunscreens you are using?  Many have a list of chemicals that sound scary to read much less apply on our children’s skin! 
There are various alternatives for us to use natural products as sunscreens.  A few are sold at specialty stores and on line.  My favorite is my very own batch that I whip up with avocado butter and raspberry seed oil which provides between 28-50 SPF (Approximate as my batch is not tested and only make it for myself.)
BUT when I run out of my batch there’s a few products I do like to use.  
REMEMBER:  ALWAYS talk to your dermatologist before using any new products AND do a 24 hour test patch on your skin.  
 Here are a few you can order on line:
Essential Oil Spray On:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Burt’s Bee’s:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Badger Sport Sunscreen:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
For added protection I like to take an umbrella or camp out by a shaded area for us to take a break from the sun’s rays and don’t forget to re-apply products after each swim and/or break.  
Now let’s go make some more Summer memories!

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