MizLizSecret#2 Series: #Giving40Hell

My very FIRST Fashion Show was in 2008.  I was FREAKED out of my mind as I was the ONLY Petite model and there was NO FITTING until we arrived a couple of hours before the show.

I practiced in my stiletto platforms for WEEKS and made sure I was ONE with them… 

Every piece of clothing fit me big.  They finally settled on a Marilyn Monroe dress and a blouse that I wore as a mini-dress…. 

THANK GOODNESS for my overly active mind and had packed shorts, corsets and PVC tape… I had to convert the “regular” bra of one of the models to a supportive strapless bra for the design she was wearing… There is a comrade that develops with our fellow models in the events that I have participated in. 
As we walked through the park’s patches of grass to the stage we had people stop us and say how happy they were to see beautiful girls their size modeling designs for them.  Little girls stared at us in awe and have to say it is the greatest memories that empowered me to continue in my path.
My biggest fear was falling… I think I would of been devastated if I had…
I made my way without an issue, even though I had to take 3 steps to match the 1 step of the taller models.  I smiled and bounced up and down the steps pivoted and turned… NO falls or falters.  I felt my heart at my throat and was so glad to see the people applaud.
Talk about facing fears!

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