Lady In Red… (Outfit of the Day)


As much as I LOVE red I don’t have much of this color in my wardrobe.  It’s such a strong statement when one wears red that it’s difficult to truly commit!  
I reached in to my inner RED goddess and decided on this ALL red sweater tunic that fits me like a dress.  The ruched design helps even out my torso and a skinny belt helped define a high waist.  I paired it with my handy dandy black leggings and my over the knee boots that you’ll see much more of through this colder weather.

Now WHY can’t I find more all red clothing to wear?  It just made my skin sparkle, my smile whiter and an all around glow that rejuvenated me completely!  My hair was not cooperating today and freely tied it in to a pony tail with a few very long bangs – that remind me it’s LONG PAST TIME for a hair cut – and there you have it… a youthful soon to be 40 year old gallivanting through a bright sunny day.  

This tunic/dress I found “gently used’ back when the weather was too hot and people were practically giving these warm clothes away in the clothing sales groups.  The brand is “Derek Heart Plus” that is generally carried by “Kohls” BUT they didn’t have much to offer on line at the moment.

Do not fear!  I found this specific style on Ebay but in royal blue, which is just as beautiful.   I’m wearing a size 3X but it is quite roomy and would think a 2X would fit me better.
I will update this blog if I see more pieces… <<FATshionista Fat Pinky Promise>>  

Links of item: Ebay Item In Blue   Ebay Item 2    Ebay Item in Black  
The belts are from City Chic and are currently on sale for $12 for a set of 2 skinny belts!
Measurements During this Pictorial:  47-42-53    Height:  5’0

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