Invisible by Lyric Soullay Photography (Domestic Violence Awareness)


Sarah Jones is the talented photographer behind these captivating scenes.  She inspires me and I want to share her gift with as many people as I can.  Here is my short video of her words and work.  May they bring you strength to SPEAK OUT and know that you are NOT alone.

In Sarahs’ own words:

Invisible is a series that involves nameless volunteers. These amazing people told me their “Invisible” stories. Some are painful and others are about what makes them feel “Invisible” to the world around them. 

We all go through secret pains and struggles. Know that you are never alone. 

Even when you feel you are – someone cares – I care. 

Never let anyone dull your shine, everyone deserves to sparkle.

Shine on Always,
♥ Sarah

I am currently looking for more volunteers
Interested please feel free to contact me 

U.S.A. Domestic Violence Hotline:  1-800-799-SAFE

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