My Inner Siren: Alexxis Maxi by

Alexxis Nude Maxi by “In The Style(Curve)”

**Items were gifted but all opinions are my own

As a Petite Plus Size gal standing tall at 5’0, finding a maxi dress that can be worn by women my height are not easily found.  Here is one from”In The Style (Curve Collection) that is: beautiful, comfortable and so easy to wear as a petite and round gal!  AND my easy trick I do for a fast no-sow solution.

Date With The Kiddos

On my “Mommy Weekends” we have a tradition to head out to the matinee to catch the latest movie then spend some time on an “adventure” and walk at a park or trail we haven’t been to in a while after visiting a favorite food spot.  I also use this time to wear pieces I am unable to wear during the week but that are not only pretty but comfortable too!

This dress is almost too pretty to wear… almost!  The smocked material that makes the top design of this dress and the sleeves are very giving and fit my larger than normal upper arms (due to the loose skin from my sudden weight lost while homeless.)  There was no tugging while wearing this dress at any point of our adventure.

I wore my regular nude body short slip (you can wear shorts if you like) to keep the material flowing off my body and not worry about the slip exposing too much of my thighs, ha!  I walked with no care in the world as we climbed stairs and hills, and that is always a great thing for me.

Tip: The No-Sow Maxi Hem

I normally have the hem of the maxi dresses I purchased altered, but there are times my seamstress isn’t available or I just want to wear the dress right away.  For these times I do one of the fastest and simplest tricks in the book – I tied the edges.  It’s as simple as that!

For this split skirt design I grabbed the edges of the skirt and tied a knot with enough material to lift the hem to the height I need it to be.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I get from other women that see me wearing a maxi like this.

P.S. The knots help give the dress weight to the skirt during windy days like today!

The Siren Awakens!

The Nude Alexxis Maxi Dress is perfect for short and tall women.  The stretchy material that the top is made of conformed perfectly and the design is made in a wide cut to fit bottom heavy bodies.  The same material is used for the upper arm straps and never felt them tight or uncomfortable.

*The design is timeless and can be worn with a denim jacket for cooler weather and with leggings and boots for added layers.

I will be honest with you, I haven’t dressed up like this in a long time.  It was nice to feel extra pretty in a flowy dress and a flower crown.  My inner Siren had laid dormant for too long!

The Details

I’m wearing Size UK24 (I normally wear a 3XL in USA) and measure:      48 – 45 – 55 (Inches)

This dress is available in Nude (what I’m wearing here), Red and in Navy… ANNNDDD it’s on SALE!!

Nude Maxi Dress>>  CLICK HERE

Navy Maxi Dress>> CLICK HERE

Red Maxi Dress>>  CLICK HERE

Do You Love It?!

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