I’m My OWN Happy!

During these recent days I get reminded why I don’t take people ‘interested’ in me very seriously. They think I’m not watching their moves but even without trying I see it.

One stated “Call me old fashion but I only like girls that only like men.” Really? This foo’ was after my bones for the better part of the year. 

A FEW offered me the world on the DAILY and in a span of a Month they’re ENGAGED… Bwaahahahaaa!

Don’t get UPSET if I keep to myself and not take you seriously. Actions speak louder than words and I am NOT ATTRACTED to Hippocrates and Liars.

Has hiding behind a computer screen or mobile phones made it all that more easier to get away with such FAKENESS?  What is gained from such tactics because at some point the paper box whilst they built this persona on will collapse sooner than later!

Life has become a daily ‘show’ for me.  I laugh more than get irritated these days.  I’m really MY OWN HAPPY and.. DEAR WORLD: I AM FINE WITH THAT!   *Big Smile*

#HappilySingle #BBWGeneration #DatingSux #ImMyOwnHappy

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