#iBelieve: When Goodwill Towards Humans Showed Up At Our Home


In 2010 I was scratching a life for my little family and I.  It was a rough few years.  I worked 5 days a week and cleaned houses on weekends barely made ends meet.  How does one explain such circumstances to our children?  It wasn’t easy that’s for sure!

Holidays are especially difficult when children have their wish lists ready and that extra little sparkle in their eyes.  My kiddos were no different and as I explained that some times we are sent things we need more than what we want they half heartedly agreed while still hoping that I was wrong.   Interestingly they never asked why they slept on the couch and I slept on the cardboard padded floor.  Nor did they ask why we had no furniture and kept our clothes in trash bags.  Children are quite amazing to over look these things.

During the previous years I was having a hard time finding a new job during the recession.  I volunteered at my children’s school and parks programs during the hours I wasn’t at the library looking for new job postings, filling applications and interviewing.  It is a fact that good deeds never go unnoticed…

For Christmas time I was worried there wouldn’t be “a” present for the kiddos.  I was doing my best to keep a roof over our head and food on our table and it didn’t look good.

The week before Christmas I was contacted by City Hall.  My little family was nominated by the community to receive a visit by Santa and his helpers.  They asked for a list of items that we need and and wanted.  I gave them what my children wrote to Santa and added what we needed, such as warm clothes, shoes, food and money to turn our gas on so that we could take warm showers and cook.  They gave me a day and time for us to be home and welcome Santa.

I still get tears in my eyes as I remember what happened that day.  The kiddos had no idea what was planned and when Santa came knocking on our door their eyeballs were huge!  They were speechless and in awe.  Our little apartment was filled by City Hall employees and Santa’s Helpers (Police Officers dressed as elves).  They all carried gifts for us and I stood with tears of gratitude in my eyes as my children asked if that was all for them.

It’s been 5 years and we still remember these acts of kindness.  Their donations filled our pantry and helped us through a rough patch.  I can almost wrap my arms around the spirit of what these Holidays are about.  The kindness of strangers fills my heart and gives both my children and I the fire to help others no matter how small or how big our budgets are.

May this experience bring you warmth and are witness to the Magic that Humans continue to bring.  I will be here if you need a little extra light.  Message me or post a comment and I promise to respond.

Tight hugs!

My Family to yours



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