I Am Strength, Life and Empowerment.. I Am Officially 41! (Outfit Of The Day)

Every year is a VICTORY…

I am filled with wonder 
     to have made it this far when others did not survive… yet here I stand
I am filled with gratitude 
     for the beautiful little souls that are my children that have given me purpose and peace
I am healing
     each day so that I may welcome light within me, around me and set forth from me

I am true
     to the person I have become and the Woman I strive to be

Happy born day to me… may there be 41 more years to continue to add to this list and share empowerment and strength to those that see it in me.
I am a reflection of you and THANK YOU for making this life even more rewarding than I have ever dreamed it to be!


  1. March 31, 2015 / 8:50 pm

    FELIZ cumpleaños and …WOW! You looks stunning that dress is gorgeous and you look bella in it!

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