I’m a FRUGAL Buyer to say the LEAST!

I am a FRUGAL Buyer to say the LEAST!  I am a Single Mother of two beautiful children and work for a non-profit.  My LOVE for Fashion is intense, but as my eye balls are huge my purse is tinier than a Barbie purse. Ha!

In March I celebrated my 38th Birthday.  I am addicted to ALL THINGS GLITTER like a moth is to light.  My biggest goal is to the current fashions on my round but well loved body.  I fill it and it takes on a whole new attitude.. sometimes good and at times bad.

Through a Facebook Friend I was let on to an online store called “$19.99 Or Below” ($19.99 Or Below Website.)  I have been able to add fun and attention getting jewelry pieces to my collection.  I LOVE spikes and metal the most and they do carry these pieces in limited quantity. Checking their items on the daily and following their posts for discount codes has become my habit.

Here are my Stats:
Height:    5’Nothing
Weight:   240lbs
Measurements: 52 – 42 – 54
Size: 18/20 or 2XL-3XL
This is the pink and black dress I purchased for under $19.99!

     This is the dress on the Manikin                                          This is the Dress on ME!

I wore it for Easter Sunday and received many compliments from family, friends and strangers!  I feel comfy and empowered.  For these reasons alone I take it as a success.

Here are the Glitter Shoes that as of today, have been restocked on their site.

They are comfy and I broke them in while working in the office.  Other friends have also purchased this shoe and LOVE them just as much as I do.

I will do a separate segment on the gorgeous earrings I purchased from them!

Again, the site is http://www.1999orbelow.com
Tell them Miz Liz sent you and would love to see pics of your purchase!

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