HOPE… it’s one of the BIGGEST GIFTS us as Humans can give to one another. 
It moves mountains and creates a wave of MIRACLES that YOU and I had a hand in.

Toni Tails is an AMAZING human being and did this GORGEOUS art work after consulting with her.  As many of you know, I do my best to help others and am working to start a site of projects WE can ALL contribute to help and make a difference in people’s lives.  
I can’t wait to bring it all together and make it a hope for the inspiration and HOPE we ALL search for in our lives.

The following are two projects I’m hoping we can help meet their goal:

Elizabeth’s Bone Marrow Transplant Goal: $820… Currently at 35 shirts sold and need 65 more to meet it:
Click:::>>>>  https://www.booster.com/poemssyndrome?share=7971386396924115

Juanita Kelly Foundation is ran by a great friend that I help as best I can.  They provide food and resources to families in need.  
*Your donation is completely tax deductible for this foundation*
Click:::>>>> http://www.juanitakellyfoundation.org/#!donate/c1avz

One grain of sand at a time…. Your grain with mine may make sand castles!

Much Love,


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