Hitting the BIG 4-0H! My Health As It Stands

I have a YOUNG Spirit that is only held back by my body’s limitations.

For the past 5 years I have been battling a few “Female” issues.  Sounds bad right?!  I want to share my experience as I know there are many others facing the same and am not alone.

I blossomed at the early age of 9.  I always had issues with this new change no matter what weight I was or continue to be.  A few other Females in my family – of ALL backgrounds AND sizes – have had various issues.  I want to make it VERY CLEAR that some diseases hits you regardless of your weight or healthy/un-healthy choices we make.  I am also NOT a Doctor and do request that you have a long talk with YOUR Doctors to address any health concerns you are or may be facing.

Doctors always told me that “it would get easier/better once I had children.”  I had 2 very difficult pregnancies where I was sick all 9 months.  I lost 40-45lbs during the 9 months of each pregnancy and envied the other ladies that sat in the waiting room at my Doctors office.  They looked so serene and glowy.. while I looked grey and green.   Both of my babies were a healthy 9lb and 22/44 inches long.  I was one lucky lady to say the least BUT there was no improvement on what I was promised.

At age 35 I was at my worst with these issues.  I was in and out of appointments with specialists and no end in site.  I’d be in the hospital every other month for blood transfusions and endless array of tests.

FINALLY I was diagnosed with:  Fibroids and a thickened inner uterine wall
Doctors looked at my chart then would give me the “You’re almost 40… let’s just take your uterus out!”  I fought, kicking and screaming for a good 1 1/2 years to get an I.U.D. approved by my health insurance INSTEAD of a full on INVASIVE and LONG recovery time operation.  *Points At Face*

The I.U.D. really did take control of the mess that my body has been since I was 9.  It had kept me together for 3 1/2 yrs now UNTIL it dislodged 2 weeks ago.  All hell broke loose and it happened at work.  My co-workers were beside themselves on how to help me.  We handled it, I got to the hospital and was on bed rest for a few days and after a few meds and then some conter-active meds to the first set of meds I am on the right path.

I am waiting for more appointments with specialists and hope to be patched up again in the next month or two.  Until then, I will have to hang in there and have my emergency procedure sheets on me in case I have a sudden relapse.  My coworkers each asked for this form and have asked to be backup in case my children need to be urgently picked up and taken to my Momz.  Did I tell you how AWESOME my coworkers are?  We drive each other crazy but we ARE Family – that’s what families do!  Ha!

Ladies, never be afraid to speak up and ask questions and opinions.  ALWAYS know your options and decide FOR YOURSELF what will work best for you.  I hope that on my sharing a bit of a T.M.I. subject it is seen as a source/direction for others that are facing the same… and HOPEFULY lessen THEIR own length of suffering by addressing the options on the get go.

Here’s to better HEALTH and MORE Smiles!

Much LOVE to you,

To read more on Fibroids:  http://www.medicinenet.com/uterine_fibroids/article.htm
To read more on Thickened Uterus Wall: http://www.healthcommunities.com/female-cancers/what-is-endometrial-hyperplasia.shtml
To read more on Fibroids and How I.U.D.’s HELP and why Birth Control Pills DON’T: http://www.med.unc.edu/obgyn/Patient_Care/specialty-services/advanced-laparoscopy-pelvic-pain/fibroid-tumors

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