Having a Bombshell Holiday! (Outfit Of The Day)

Fashion To Figure “Keepsake Sculpted Dress”

This night I wanted to turn back the hands of time and this dress brought out my inner bombshell.  I decked myself out with all my favorite bling and mixed in a blue platform shoe to match my blue necklace from that I also found at Fashion To Figure earlier in the year.
This dress truly makes the look.  It has a daring plunge neckline with wire to keep the detail of the bodice in place. This detail truly makes this dress unbelievable.  The material is comfortable and with a lot of stretch.  As a petite woman this style helps elongate my short torso and truly showcase our beautiful neckline adorned by a statement necklace.
For this deep plunge dress I wore the “Fashion Forms Backless Strapless U-Plunge Bra Adhesive” in cub size D.  I am more of a DD in this product and recommend it for cup size C maximum.  Since I planned a low key/movement night it worked for me.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a night of dancing and will be in search for a more supportive deep plunge plus size bra.   <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Measurements:   48  –  43  –  54                                 Height:  5’0
I’m wearing Size 3XL and it fit me a little loose.  I recommend the 2XL for my measurements.  This size worked with a couple of stitches on the shoulder straps where it meets on the back.  It comes with added adjustable thin straps which I hid and slid under the off the shoulder main straps as a preference.
Sadly this dress sold out in a couple of weeks – as it did in its original release – but it was brought back in stock for the holiday.  There are similar cuts/styles currently available and recommend subscribing to their email list for notification of styles being restocked such as this one.
Fashion To Figure  <<<CLICK HERE>>>


I wanted to mix the retro/classic with my punk style.  I picked up the intricate crystal star hair piece at a local shop years ago for a Gala I attended.  My beehive never looked better!  
Another “rule” I like to break is that of 
“Don’t wear long earrings if you have a short neck and/or are petite.” 
For YEARS I envied the tall and long necked gals showing off those big earrings.  I grew up in the 80’s and YOU KNOW how in trend they were.  So one year in the 2000’s I decided I didn’t care and I was going to wear them anyways!  It’s been one of my best decisions ever.
Here I am wearing them as big and long as I can find them.  The long chain bling is a perfect match for this dress and necklace.  To add add a current punk twist the extra blinged out ear cuff tied it the intricate design from the star hair piece.  
In addition to the breath taking deep blue necklace the chain bracelet and ring is quite a conversation piece.  It’s unexpected and will shine through the dark night as you walk by.
I LOVE how red and dark blue plays with each other and decided on my favorite blue platform stilettos to finish the look.  It has a large zipper on the back that ties my retro/classic punk look.
If I had remembered I would have worn my cuban heel back seem nylons.  Add a shawl – especially if you have a soft faux fur and that will be the ultimate piece of resistance!
Bracelet(Similar):  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Necklace (Similiear):  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Ear Cuff:  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Earrings (Similar):  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
Hair Comb (Similar):  <<<CLICK HERE>>>


As our Holiday get togethers are at night with minimal light.  This makeup I made it extra impacting with a heavier white highlight under my eye and upper cheek bones.  I did a sculpted brow and higher brow highlight to emphasize my darker eye makeup.  You can see this most with our camera flash on the closeup picture below.  Yet the pictures I took in the darker part of the room next to our Christmas tree looked perfect.  Keep this in mind when applying makeup for a dark venue.
On a Clean face I first pat on the “5 Second Blur” from Garnier.  I LOVE it on evening out my wrinkles and deep lines as well as a smooth base for the rest of my skin.  I do extra patting of this product on my nose and inner cheek where I have the large pores.  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
To highlight under my eye, upper cheek bone area and down my the middle of my nose, chin, and between my eye brows I used my newest makeup addition –  the “L.A. Girl Pro Concealer” in Creamy Beige (GC973) <<<CLICK HERE>>>
This product is thick and AFFORDABLE (under $3).  Use a dime size at a time and build the area where applying as it does dry fast.  The key is to have a good primer before applying this product.  For me it’ sthe “5 Second Blur.”  I also use a beauty sponge to blend as well as my fingers. 
For this look I added the “Makeup Forever HD Foundation” in one to two shades darker than my skin tone.  I applied it on my forehead, temple, side of my nose, lower cheek bone and towards my neck.  I didn’t apply it over the highlighted areas I did the “L.A. Girl Pro Concealer.”  I blended the meeting areas in with my beauty sponge.  This will add definition to my face and still keep the “light” on the highlights I placed.  
I went over the whole face with the “Makeup Forever HD Powder.”  THIS POWDER is HEAVEN sent!  It softens and defuses the products on your face.  It fills in the pores and makes your skin feel and look soft and natural.  The kit comes with the softest Kabuki brush I’ve ever owned.  I recommend the kit as you will receive the best value on this amazing product.  Also includes their primer that also works great.  I recommend it HIGHLY as I LOVE the effects of this product and has taken my look and pictures to a whole different level.  I’m wearing “Amber” (#173) which matched my Summer tan when I first purchased this kit.  My current skin color is a few shades lighter but truly blends perfectly regardless.  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
The perfect blush is the “Primadonna” blush from “Pink Stiletto Cosmetics.”  It is of quality high pigment and a little bit goes a long way.  I wear this blush in almost every look using varying amounts to achieve my looks.  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
*Always invest in great makeup brushes.  They will help give a seamless application and save much of your product in comparison to using your fingers and sponges.  I found mine at Costco – moderate quality – and can’t wait to save up for a higher end set and see what looks I can create.
My lips are a perfect contrast to this look.  It is soft yet not too subtle.  I created it by applying my concealer on my lips.  I then lined and filled them with “Mauve” from NYX. <<<CLICK HERE>>> 
I then added “Dandelion Ultra Plush” lip gloss from Benefit Cosmetics. <<<CLICK HERE>>> 
My eye look is my go to “Naked Basics” pallet from Urban Decay.  I used every single color in it to create dimensions on my lid.  I also use it’s “Crave” to fill in and draw my brows.   I wear this every day on it’s own or as my base.  This is a GREAT and ECONOMICAL makeup pallet that will go a long way at a budget.  <<<CLICK HERE>>>
To further sculpt my full brow I used “Pro Longwear Paint Pot” in “Soft Ochre” from MAC. Using a soft sculpting brush I cleaned up the brow and shortened, thinned and highlighted my way all around it.  Once I was satisfied with the look I let it dry for a minute or two and I came back in and blended the top of the brow in to the rest of my foundation color.  I added my highlighting eye shadows and used the blending blush to bring the colors together.
Lastly I added a glittery inner eye lid color.  I used my “Electric Pallet” silver color called “Revolt” from Urban Decay.  It is the perfect touch to an impacting look.  As as my “smokey” eye color I patted “Freak” first to the outer part of my eyes and lid.  Then layered “Fringe” to create a sparkly and deep emerald green that took on a darker hue with this red dress yet matched the second dress I wore earlier this evening (Review coming soon).  <<<CLICK HERE>>>

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