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…this is part of a nutritionally balanced breakfast.” 

I introduce to you Mike!  I came across his blog via Instagram and loved the energy of it.  He happily accepted my invitation to feature his blog during my time recovering from my surgery and for that I am THANKFUL!
In his own words: “Just a guy who likes to cook, drink beer and be the best Dad he can be.”
May his blog posts bring to you the laugh and smiles that they’ve brought to me.  Oh, and do try some of his yummy RECIPES!
He writes:

Hello, again. It is Saturday morning…and as I sit here, listening to the trains sing off in the distance, I am reminded that there is a blog post to be written. At first, curse words come to mind — then, joy…I can share another recipe with you guys! Shall we get started? Here’s what you’ll need for:
*1 bowl
*1 spoon
*1 box of cereal
*1 step ladder
*1 toddler
*Some patience
(This recipe is a “Tired Daddy Level 3” recipe and should only be attempted by qualified professionals or those under the guidance of qualified professionals.)
Here’s what you’re going to do:
1) Flip over in bed. Your eyes will sense something odd and disturbing — daylight. Ugh, morning…again! Argh! Then you realize your 3 year old daughter is still asleep in the other room. RUN, RUN, RUN TO THE BATHROOM AND TAKE A SHOWER WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!
2) Dry off. Put on clothes. Chef’s cap, optional.
3) Set out the step ladder near the counter but far enough away from the kitchen knives or other menacing kitchen utilities (uh……….duh).
4) Listen for sounds that indicate your toddler is waking from her sleep. These may or may not include: “Daddy!”, or, “It’s too bright in here for me.” (No, it’s not…that’s the sun)
5) Welcome your child into this “glorious” new day. Acceptable salutations include but are not limited to: “Good Morning!”, “Hey…there she is!”, or, “There’s my baby girl”. (Try to refrain from responses like: “You, again…”)
6) Your child will more than likely be hungry. Offer them cereal. When this doesn’t work, explain that you’ve only got cereal and we can’t go out to IHOP every day of the week. They will eventually accept the inevitable.
7) Ask the toddler to help. If the kid doesn’t want to…pour the bowl of cereal and be done with it. Kids usually want to help…and if this is the case, continue to step 8.
8) Help your toddler climb the ladder for optimal viewing and helping ability. Pick your cereal of choice — I’ve shockingly had the best luck with cereals that have large enthusiastic jungle animals on the cover. I personally prefer the one with the leprechaun that is oddly chasing after children all the time…but, I just like marshmallows, I guess.
9) Pour the cereal. Hand your girl a spoon. Say, “There you go…wait! Hmmmm…something’s missing here.” They will almost always reply: “MILK!!!” Pour the milk and have your child stir the ingredients.
10) A proper taste test is in order. Done. Remove toddler from ladder and bowl of cereal from counter and relocate both to a suitable dining area. #MenThatCook
And there you have it. Another lovely recipe…and this one’s only 10 steps long…don’t say I never did nothing for ya. DON’T YOU SAY IT!!!
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy.
The Man With A Cereal Bowl

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