Graduation: Bitter Sweet Moments

My baby graduated from Elementary School and there were many tears shed… mostly from my little girl.

This school has been our home for the past 6 years.  The community welcomed our struggling family with open arms and many became like family.  We saw each others children grow and when life was difficult we shared the burden.

My Daughter blossomed in this “constant” of long term teachers, friends and family.  Seeing it all change in this one event was heart breaking for not only my Daughter but with quite a few of her close friends, one of which moved a few cities away during this last month of school.  Going in to Middle School is quite difficult as I remember my own transition, but am glad there will be a few familiar faces there to help.

As a divorced family and a Single Mom my goal has been to be the constant in my children’s lives.  They know I will be there and do all that it takes to “make it happen.”  I answer their most embarrassing questions and they know this Mama will take a million pictures even when they are far from smiling… just as she did in this picture.  I captured all I could in this day so that when she wants to remember friends from her childhood and reminisce those first years of childhood there will be pictures to do so.

I will continue to collect pieces of her memories as I wished I had done so for myself.  May she continue to grow in to the beautiful human being I am always thankful of being part of.  And a HUGE Thank You to the village that has helped us along the way.

May there be more smiles, less tears and lasting positive memories in ALL our lives!

P.S. I turned that frown upside down and dried her tears with our first visit to Raging Waters with my Son and Niece.  Groupon saved the day!

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