Allow Yourself To Feel BEAUTIFUL!

Fuschia Bikini & FringeDid this tittle like HIT YOU?!  Take a step back and take a deep breath… let it sink in…  Are you allowing yourself to embrace the fact that YOU ARE *B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L*? Other people around us see and tell us every day but are you finding yourself brushing this fact off?

I’m right with you!  My internal convos – because I talk to myself on the regular – I mentally force the convo to take a positive tone.   I am Woman, I am Strong and YES, UNIVERSE… I. AM. BEATIFUL!  Many of us have moments of self doubt, no matter how strong or how accomplished.  Give yourself a mental shake to hone in and radiate with this feeling of self love and with.

Okay, are we vibing with BEAUTY yet?  Good!

If you take a short trip through my Blog Posts you will find many featuring swimwear and bikinis/fatkinis.  These were the pieces of clothing that made me run the other way when faced with the fact that a “bathing suit” is required to enjoy time at the pool or water park.  I wanted to hide under a rock and cover every roll, wrinkle, dimple, loose skin and imperfections that I saw as if they had neon lights pointing them out for the world to see!

Not too long ago there came a day that I made myself face ALL my fears.  I purchased bikini/fatinkini pieces that collected dust in a drawer for years!  It soon became my drawer of shame – a reminder of my inability to wear these items because I was ashamed.  Yes, the word is: ashamed.  I heard every negative comment, hurtful joke and sneer come at me when I opened that drawer.

One day I looked in to my Daughter’s eyes and said:

“I NEED to SHOW my Daughter what loving ourselves is.  The world rarely showed this to me and if I can’t do this I can’t expected anyone else to do it for me.”

I was a mess those first swimsuit shoots.  BUT with every subsequent photo shoot I became more determined to allow myself to feel beautiful.  It’s been a few Summers and each becomes an achievement.  Each becomes a triumph of overcoming a fear…. a shame… that my Daughter sees nothing but strength.  May these continued posts fill you with the affirmation of love and acceptance I  am sending to you and all the little girls searching for it.

Here is a bikini/fatkini that collected dust in that drawer of fear.  I have taken it’s debilitating hold it had on me and now stare at it with triumph!

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Are you joining me in setting free the beauty we ourselves have been holding back?  Affirm it with a comment below and if you wish me to share your swimsuit of DEFIANCE please email or tag me on Instagram.  back.3back_pp


  1. March 12, 2016 / 2:41 am

    You look amazing! I was happy to find your blog through the ’10 Latina Bloggers you should be watching this year’. Proud to always see a fellow blogger being successful and shining her light for so many great causes. Congratulations chica!


  2. michael fisher
    March 22, 2016 / 2:44 am

    When I read your story,You are truly an inspiration.I couldn’t do nothing but cry.So keep on keepin’ on.Much success cutie.”

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