Give Your Wardrobe A Little SPLICE! By City Chic via GwynnieBee (Outfit Of The Day)

“Spliced Up Dress” by City Chic

What a great design mixed in with a bold color block and collar detail.  The “splice” (bringing/roping together) on the neckline makes the look edgy and brings attention to your face.  the color block accented my curves while still giving me movement.

Cobalt blue is a gorgeous color to wear and playing it up with a matching eye liner/shadow helps change out my normal black eye liner.  The bold color ties the look  yet makes it perfect for work wear.  You can amp up this look for an evening out after work by adding a couple of accessories and making a bolder look on your eyes.

The lines will accent any jacket or blazer you decide to pair this dress up with.  A short or long line blazer will give you a corporate look while still feeling stylish.  Versatility in a style is great for a fast paced gal that makes every moment count.

Measurements:   48  –  44  –  54                                       Height:   5’0

I’m wearing size M(18) but would recommend a size up if you have my hip measurement.  There is no stretch in the material and even though it looked great on me I prefer a tiny bit more room on the hip/tummy area.

Currently available on line at   <<CLICK HERE>>

I received this beauty through my GwynnieBee subscription.  I love this plus size clothing rental service as it keeps my closet items fresh with new styles and designers.  Helps me keep on budget and keep up on my fashionista life style.  Try YOUR FREE 30-Day Trial by clicking on the banner below.

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What do you think?  Leave a comment on how you would wear this piece and where you’d wear it to.

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