Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun – Stripes & Polka-Dots Part2 (Outfit Of The Day)


Stripes, Polka-Dots and LOTS of Hello Kitty! *

I gave this pattern mixing another try and think this is one of my favorites.  I haven’t worn my HK “Boss” pieces in years and thought I would throw it in to the mix.  The goal was to reach a FUN out the norm outfit right?
Measurements:  47  –  42  –  53                              Height:  5’0
Polka-Dot Sweater: “Old Navy” Size 2XL (Fits me big and should wear 1XL)  *No Longer Available
Similar Items:
Ebay Item#1
I grabbed the wrong belt and worked with my caged belt.  A belt that would tie this outfit together would be a skinny belt.  Would be great to have that match your purse and/or shoes as well as any pang of color accessory you feel in the mood for.
Makeup:  I decided on keeping it youthful and did a dark eyelid with a thick metallic purple under eye.  The “color shifting” lip gloss was a SUPER PLUS!  It changes color dependent on the lighting and it sticks on you for a long wear.  One of my FAVORITES and is currently in stock at:
“Mon Ennui” – Show Stopper
Hair:  Deciding on a youthful outfit I went for the naturally curly/fuzzy – BIG Hurr.  A GREAT trick to add more volume  AND length to your “Pony Tail” is sectioning your hair in half.  Do a half pony tail high up on your head then take the lower section you place half way down your scalp – making sure the length of the first “tail” covers the rubber band of this pony tail.  FLUFF and Tease and I opted for NO hair products OR a brush – I just finger “tamed” my fuzzy hurr and it came out GREAT!
*I will do a video on this hair style soon
Shoes: For a more Formal look I chose my spiked heels from NineWest “Spiked Heels.”
For a casual look I slipped on my spiked sneakers also from Nine West
*Sorry I purchased these shoes a while back and are no longer available.
Accessories:  Hello Kitty collection… you can find the plastic framed glasses at “Claires” and have come across them at gas stations that sell sunglasses.
My “Boss” necklace and bracelet are from my personal collection that can also be found at “Claire’s” or on Ebay.

All in all the look was fun and melted DECADES off my 40 years of life!  Hope it inspires you to pattern mix and see what you come up with and PLEASE SHARE your pics with me – I want to see.

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*Original Publishing Date: May 21, 2014bbwgeneration-polkadotstripes-2





  1. May 21, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    Lovely outfit. Perfect combination and great styling. I love thing. Nice one.


  2. Stuti Modi
    January 6, 2017 / 9:58 am

    love the orange bag combo with the stripes n polkas!

  3. January 26, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    The bag went perfectly with your outfit!

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