Gift Guide: To Nourish The Body And Soul

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The Unique Gift Guide that is PRICELESS when it comes to what the final product delivers.  If you’re like me, you want to give a gift that will better the lives of those we love.  These items are worthy enough to Gift Yourself!
This past week I unwrapped the beautifully packaged kit from and my Daughter and I were beyond delighted!  The gift comes with everything you need to make the most delicious chocolate chip cookie!  It includes:


Every item is gorgeous and well made.  The skillet and whisk will be a long lasting addition to your kitchen and a favorite to use on your next baking adventure!

There are various unique gifts for everyone on your list.  From baking a birthday cup cake to coffee, tea, alcohol and everything in between.

They currently have FREE SHIPPING using the following code at check out:  HAPPYHOLIDAYS!

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Do you have Asthmatic family members you find hard to find gifts for?  We’re one of these families, and this past year I have been purchasing all our soaps, detergents, hair products and cleaning products from

All the products carried are Natural and Biodegradable and just plain AMAZING! The pricing is less than at local stores, and offer FREE shipping on your first order.  Not only will you have top brand products, but will be supporting a company that is a Certified B Corp with a goal of sustainability and healthy.

My favorite items, which I reorder every month, are the Meyer’s brand – from the Geranium hand soap to the ONLY air freshener that doesn’t trigger my asthma and works better than any name brand air freshener I’ve ever used!  The Meyer’s soy candle is not to be missed and perfect to include in any gift.grove

Now, for the Plus Size Fashionistas on your list like me…. You can GIFT them GwynnieBee!  My Blog is 90% clothing pieces from my Subscription with GwynniBee.  Now YOU or anyone one your list can do the same!

Give the Gift of Gwynnie Bee 

Gift bundles start at $49 for two months
You choose when your GB gift is delivered with e-delivery

I wouldn’t have worn many of the Designers or pushed my fashion limitations without this subscription.  Can you imagine how it will work for your Fashionista?  Wonder no longer and GIFT this to them.


What would you add to this guide?  Comment below!





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