Gently Used Plus Size Fashion Finds!

 Being a Single Mama with two pre-teen babies, finding a budget to appease my Fatshionista Spirit is a requirement!  Here are some tips in finding that PERFECT outfit at 20-80% OFF regular price.
  • Various stores have Clearance Racks either at the back of the store or right in front and/or sidewalk.  These are items that have small defects or returns by previous customers.  Make sure you eye ball the item in detail and make sure you can fix it OR wash the stain off.  
  • Think OUTSIDE of the BOX!  For garments that have been marked down you can use a belt, clothes pin or you can pin a nice flower to cover it.  Patches also work depending on the garment.  
  • Try items on that you think are too big or too small.  You’ll be surprised how YOUR UNIQUE BODY will give a different form to the style.  I’m 5’0 – I’m a tiny little Latina – but I wear larger blouses/dresses and cinch them up with a nice belt.
  • Get that needle and thread out!  Not only can you FIX some imperfections BUT you can TAILOR the larger items to YOUR body.  Again, being Plus Size and PETITE is a DOUBLE WHAMMY   I can put in some pleats at the back of the garment to be more form fitting OR gather an inch or two at the shoulders to bring the cut closer up to my torso length, or lack of length as it is in my case.
  • When I find skirts that are too long for me I wear them as a HIGH WAIST skirt (just as I’ve done in this first pic.)  I can also alter it to a shorter length to fit my Petite frame.

More Not So Secret… Secrets:
  • Many designers and on line stores offer web discounts.  Sign up to receive updates and coupon codes.  To keep my personal email CLEAR of these daily emails I have created an email JUST FOR these subscriptions.  I can check them as I want and never interferes with my regular personal/business emails.
  • 2nd hand clothes are also a great source! Re-purposing finds and finding discount accent pieces are one of my FAVORITE hunts.  Learn your metals!  I carry a small magnet and it helps uncover beautiful treasures, such as pure silver and gold jewelry that I’ve found for $4-$20.  
  • Scarves are a GREAT accessories and are have found a mountain of them in various 2nd hand stores.  I use them to tie up my hair, tie around my neck for my retro looks, use them as part of my dress on halter dresses that have a loop or around my waist.  Last month I found vintage pieces for 25-50 cents each.
  • Check Amazon and Ebay for your favorite designer.  Many people take that route when they no longer need or want the item and put it up for auction.  
  • Check for Facebook Groups that are specific for selling and/or trading Plus Size Clothing.  60% of my current wardrobe comes from such groups.  I’ve also cleaned out my closet and put these items up for sale that in turn helped increase my own budget to find items that I can currently use, including shoes and jewelry.
  • Learning to shop for items during their OFF SEASON is a HUGE savings!  In Winter shop for Summer clothes and in Summer shop for Winter clothes.  Stores don’t want dead stock and will practically give them away if you check their clearance tab when shopping on line. 
The pictures shown are all items that have been gently used and at times pennies on the dollar compared to their original price.


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