Gamers for Education MinecraftEdu Purchased by Microsoft

mI am stoked!

I have watched first my Son, then my Daughter become enthralled by Minecraft.  They have built, destroyed and created houses and cities.  This is a BIG deal!

Imagine, us 80’s kids, having our favorite Atari and Saga games in education mode for school?  More of us may have been more technology inclined and a few may be more susceptible to learning in this new platform.  This is the equivalent of this dream – for me at least.

In the past 15 years I have seen various forms of electronic game interaction for education and motor skills.  Some good and some with hiccups.  Minecraft is already in most of the children’s culture and already comfortable in it’s mode of play, except now it’s with an actual educational agenda in mind.  With over 100 Million Minecraft registered members and a thriving App, even with years after it’s release, we may be on to something here.

As a gamer family I will be watching intently in it’s transition.  Will there be a scholastic growth and our learning mode in general?  How will this affect the education agenda and form of teaching?  Will this integration bring a stronger computer science/technology workforce which current and future job markets will require us to be – most especially in the female population?

I have many questions and am confident this step will help towards a positive outcome per the culture in our children young and old.

Read the New York Times Article:  “Microsoft Acquires MinecraftEdu, Tailored For Schools”

What are your thoughts?



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