Fat Shaming Is NOT A Joke… Here’s why!

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Much talk has been made this past week on the viral video – which I have purposely omitted from even mentioning it here… I REFUSE to add another click!

This latest public display of such negativity left my heart aching, but seeing the few positive responses on my feeds did help heal the pain that I, and MANY have felt.  As I was reading through articles today I came across this… THIS filled my heart and made me teary eyed:

The comedian that took her negativity to her Youtube channel was fired from choreographing the movie: “Don’t Talk To Irene.”  The letter was posted by Director Pat Mills and as I read each word I felt my heart full.  He wrote:

“I’ve been developing the script for several years. I am excited to shoot this  – and the message is important to me. I’m gay. I was bullied a lot as a kid. I wore purple jogging pants every day during the seventh grade – you can imagine what that did to my social life. I am no stranger to ridicule and loneliness. It’s made me a sensitive storyteller, but it also developed my sense of humour. And now I make comedy movies set in high school. I guess I never got over high school. Every filmmaker has an obsession, right?

… I was randomly checking facebook and a comment on a video popped up. The video is called “Dear Fat People” – it’s an unfunny and cruel fat-shaming video that guises itself about being about “health”. It’s fat phobic and awful. It went on for over for six minutes. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I was so upset I was shaking like Shelley DuVall in the The Shining.

…I’ve learned that the people who shame fat people hiding under an excuse that it’s about their “health” are the same people who ridicule them when they see them working out at the gym.

Nicole: Did you even read my script? It is a body positive teen movie. It has a message that is in direct opposition to your cruel and lame youtube rant.

On behalf of all of us who have been bullied and have a taste for comedy that doesn’t make people feel shitty about themselves, “Fat shaming” is very much a thing — It’s just as real as not getting a job because of your hateful opinions that you call “comedy”. We will not be working together.

You are not hired for Don’t Talk to Irene.” – Pat Mills
His full letter is on the Movie’s website and invite you to read it at:
THANK YOU Director Pat Mills for giving me faith that we DO live with PURPOSE and most importantly keep working on helping the world learn to be POSITIVE and EMPOWERING through ALL aspects of our lives.

I can’t wait to see your movie released in the states as I KNOW it will help MANY teens, and adults alike, to find Acceptance in their hearts.

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