Fat Girls CAN Jump! (Outfit Of The Day)

YES!  This Fat Girl CAN jump! 

As my Daughter scouted for a pretty spot to try out her FIRST time using the BIG Pro camera we find the perfect spot.  It’s a favorite for locals up in the beautiful hills of Signal Hill, CA.  My Daughter came prepared with a stepping stool to help get her at eye level with me and the drive to take some AWESOME pics.

There were at least 70 people that passed by us and rooted us on, including a tourist group from Asia.  I wanted to make my 10 year old Daughter’s first shoot a lasting memory and decided to…. RUN & JUMP!  The look on her face was PRICELESS and wish I had a video camera to share it with you.  Ha!

I taught her the “rapid shoot” and keeping the camera in frame for me to come in running and jumping.  Needless to say we attracted a crowd and there wasn’t one person that didn’t have a smile on their face.  What a GREAT memory I was able to create with my Daughter and a few strangers.  Eeeekkk!
As stated in previous posts I’ve been ill this full year, BUT my spirit is strong even when my body is trying to catch up.  After 3 cancer tests I’m still awaiting results on my mammogram and have a much needed and recommend hysterectomy next month.  During these months I wanted to cram in as much FAMILY memories I could – health wise it’s a struggle yet my children’s laughter make me forget any discomfort that I’m feeling. 

Soooooo here I am.. like a 15 year old having the time of my life while I hear my Daughter gasp and giggle through it all.  Hope these pictures bring a huge smile to your lips and added strength to your own lives.  Plus my Daughter did a GREAT job with that monster of a camera that covered her face. 

This dress is no longer available but did find the exact design in another FAVORITE site that carries it in Sizes 2X-4XL at:  Hell Bunny Plus Black and Polka-Dot Halter Flare Dress
Measurements:   47  –  42  -53                 Height:  5’0
I forgot to bring my petticoat for this shoot yet the cut still made it flare with the help of my hips. I’m wearing a 1X that I found at a clothing exchange group from a Petite Gal – reason why it looks perfect on my 5’0 frame.  Per my experience with “Hell Bunny” Plus Designs they are true to size and wear their 2X-3X (Due to my Height and their cuts.)  These are the measurements posted on their site:
SIZE 2XL = Chest 40″ Waist 36″ Hip 41″; SIZE 3XL = C42″
W38″ H43″; SIZE 4XL = C44″ W40″ H45″(all sizes are true to size).
So GO have FUN and show the world that Fat Girls CAN Jump!  I can’t wait to gain my health back and be able to do more physical activities.  Ya’ll ain’t ready…
AND don’t forget to leave a comment for my Daughter – Ixta – to read about her work with her Mommy.  She’s eager to see what you think.


  1. June 29, 2014 / 1:16 am

    This look is too cute!! The pix from the new camera are great!!

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