Dressing Room Chronicles (Part I)

I’m an avid FATshionista BUT trying on items before I buy them doesn’t happen very often.  Yes – Bad FATshinista!

What is it about being squished in a dressing room with a huge mirror and bright lights that I can’t find myself loving???  Good question!
  • First:  I’m afraid I’m going to stain the material with my makeup.  
  • Second:  There isn’t enough air in MOST tiny dressing rooms and the thought of sweating on garments I may NOT buy is not very pleasing.  
  • Third:  The shadowing of the lights glaring down from the ceiling is also not a great thing for me to reflect in the huge mirror in front of me.  
  • Fourth and foremost point is:  I fight seeing through my “ugly” goggles every time I look in a mirror.  One thing is forcing myself to smile in front of a camera and throw in a pose here and there and a whole different animal when you’re eyeball to eyeball with the reflection of my body and hearing all the negative voices and comments made through out my life authored by family, friends, community, media and WORLD!  EEEkkkk!!

But I patted down my hair, took a deep breath and said:

I gave myself a pep talk, repeated these words over and over again in my inner voice and soon I drowned out the horrible whispers in my head until I came back to my full confidence once more.

I heard the click of my heels on the wood floor as I walked each and every isle. I searched for pieces that I had seen on various websites that I liked but didn’t think it would look “right” on me.  I carried 6 items to the dressing room and was let in by a very friendly and helpful store clerk.  I almost chickened out from taking pictures while inside but I did it!

In my dressing room I had:

  • checkered print mini skirt
  • black key hole blouse with pretty folded material detail on bodice
  • animal print mini skirt with see through top layer that opens in the front
  • hot pink blouse with bling detail
  • black cropped frilled blouse (I’ve been skeptical I’d be able to pull off the look with my tummy showing)
What I discovered was that I could pull off the looks on these pieces.  The frilled blouse looked better than the full covered pink blouse I had tried on with the checkered print mini skirt!  Now THAT was a huge discovery for me since I try to hide my muffin’ top with a wide belt or loose fitting mid section styles.
More about the store:  

I have been coming to this Plus Size store since I was a teen.  That’s well over 20 years (I’m turning 40 soon!)  It was here decades before Layne Bryant ever decided to open a location to service the East Los Angeles FATshionistas.  Needless to say I have been a loyal customer even though it’s changed owners a couple of time through out the year.
Can you believe ALL these items were under $20?!  Yes!  Each and every item.  To stay on my budget I purchased the one item I thought I’d never ever buy – the cropped frilled blouse.  I was happy to find that the frills camaflouged my muffin’ top and made the checkered design skirt look even more amazing.
All the pieces I am shown wearing are Jr. size 3XL 18/20.  The store does have a small selection of 4XL-5XL, but don’t let that discourage you.  There are designs that are over sized (cardigans/sweaters/leggings) and can be worn from 1XL-5XL, don’t be afraid to try them on!  I do recommend going on weekdays as it gets a bit busy during the weekends.  This will ensure more time to spend in the dressing room (and nervously take pics of oneself as I did LOL!)
**Store does not have a website or sell on line.  Sorry.**
Note: Excuse the rough cell phone pics.  I didn’t have my kiddos with me to take true digital pics of me.

As I made my way to the cashier a sweet lady stopped me and asked if the outfit I was wearing was from there.  I gave her the info, as they were a mix of Torrid, Raindow and Lane Bryant.  She confessed that she rarely shopped for clothing but that she wanted to pick out a “young” outfit for her High School reunion this weekend.  With a twinkle in her eye she exclaimed:
 “I’m 60 years old!  I don’t want to dress like an old lady any more!”
Here’s the a pic of what I was wearing today:f
Necklace: 2nd Hand Store Find
I gave her some fashion insight and pointed out some great outfits for her petite body similar to mine.  As I handed her my business card I reassured her that she will look FABULOUS and younger than ever.  She really did look so much younger than the age she gave me.  I am honored to have been there at that right moment to give her the reassurance she needed.
Let them know MizLiz from BBWGeneration sent you!  Please share your pictures if you do end up at my neck of the woods and visit them.  
P.S. I found bling for my ears for less than $5 too.  Can’t wait to wear them to a special event!  They have a great selection on accessories starting at $1.50 and blinged out purses to select from.
P.S.S.  They have a “No Refund Policy” and issue store credit if returned unworn with tags within 7 days.  There’s “No Returns” on formal dresses (including accessories) -Please try them on before you purchase.

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