DIY Whiter & Healthier Mouth! (Natural Products)

Recipe To Whiten Teeth and Have a HEALTHIER Mouth!

*Please talk to your Doctor FIRST before trying this.  I’m NOT a doctor and am only sharing my own personal experience and findings.
I’m all about natural remedies for skin, body and health care.  A white smile and healthier mouth soon became a priority for me.  I’ve lost many teeth due to malnutrition and domestic violence.  Due to the empty spaces in my mouth I have to be extra careful in caring for my gums as many foods leave tiny cuts that can cause many issues in the mouth as well as the body.

My first remedy was swooshing my mouth with “Hydrogen Peroxide” for 1-2 minutes.  Without rinsing it out I dipped my clean brush in to baking soda and gently brushed my teeth and gums with this.  My mouth showed improvement within days!  I no longer suffered from sore gums, my breath was cleaner for a longer period of time and my teeth weren’t as yellow – I’m guilty of drinking coffee which contributes to much of the stains on my teeth.  

One of my favorite blogs is “Wellness Mama” that features many remedies and articles.  One article was on using “Activated Carbon” to whiten teeth.  Sure, I’ve used my Mexican remedy of burnt tortilla to help with “Empacho” (bad case of diarrhea) yet never knew it could whiten teeth too!   I decided to read some more on the benefits and side effects etc…
Even though I was planning to use the “Activated Carbon” in my brushing routine I found out that it also removes toxins in the body when ingested.  The side effect is that it “can” affect the impact of the effectiveness of your medication.  As most of you know, I was on heavy medication up until 2 weeks after my hysterectomy recently.  I decided to wait until I was completely off ALL my prescriptions before starting this a week ago.  There is a higher content needed to ingest for such absorption to interfere with medication but I just like to do it all as a clean start without any added variables.
My teeth look and feel even more fabulous!  Even more so than when I used hydrogen peroxide and baking soda all on their own.  Sure, it takes a little getting used to and a little bit of extra sink clean up after each use BUT the benefits are well worth it.
As a word of caution:  Clean the sink as soon as you’re done brushing or else it may leave a stain.  Most especially on grout and porous surfaces.  I usually can wipe it off with a paper towel or use baking soda and a damp sponge to smooth it out of our sink.  So not to accidentally have it fall on my clothes I brush my teeth before getting dress and putting makeup on.

The following is my recipe… but you can deviate from it as you find fit to your own needs.

Mix 1/2 “Activated Carbon” with 1/2 Baking Soda
TaDa!  It’s as simple as THAT.    I keep this mix in a jar for the kiddos and I to use every time we brush our teeth.  You can do the mixture as 100% “Activated Carbon but I personal like the grainier aspect of the baking soda – it’s just a preference of mine.
This is what my routine consists of:

– Hydrogen Peroxide:  Swish it in my mouth for 1-2 minutes

– Tooth Brush:  Wet it and dip it in to the jar until it’s fully loaded with the mix
Take my time softly brushing every tooth surface and concentrating on my fangs and front teeth as they’re the ones I want as white as possible.
Brush for 2 minutes MINIMUM
– Swish once more with Hydrogen Peroxide  1-2 minutes
– Rinse with water until the contents are clear
– Clean sink
My children did this for the first time today.  My Son has always had issues with his gums and bad breath since a child and he experienced a little stinging from the Hydrogen.  This is to be expected as this is a sign of openings in his gums/mouth that are being cleaned out by it.
Now, don’t freak out when you first brush and worry the black teeth you’re now seeing will stay that way!  It will ALL come off the moment you rinse it out.

Where to purchase these items:
“Activated Carbon” is from Ebay (*Please DO NOT make your own or use household charcoal!:)  <<CLICK HERE>>

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide is found in all Pharmacies and most Grocery Stores.

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