DIY Tea: For Headaches, Insomnia, Asthma, Pain and So Much More! ::Marshmallow and Lemon Leaves (Natural Products)

Tea: Marshmallow(AKA Malva Flower) and Fresh Lemon Leaves

I enjoy picking out dried flowers and herbs that I’ve never tried and going home to discover its health benefits.  This is exactly what happened during my recent visit at the “Herbs of Mexico” store in East Los Angeles (4133 Whittier Blvd, L.A, CA 90023.)  They are one of the largest distributors to most grocery stores that have a Latino product isle.  You can also find them on line <<CLICK HERE>>

This last visit I picked up the dried “Marshmallow Flower” pack for a couple of dollars.  Once I got home I did some internet research and the health benefits were PERFECT for what I am currently battling.  I am recovering from a gnarly flu/cold this past week and a half.  My asthma has been acting up because of it and the gunk in my chest/lungs just won’t let up.  I’m also at a peek stress level at work and experience body aches and issues sleeping.
Benefits of the “Marchmallow Flower”relieves:
-coughs  -ulcers  -urinary problems  -bladder infections  -sore throat  -headaches  – muscle pain  -wheezing  – skin isues and so much more!
Link of reference and further details:
Ding… Ding… Ding…  
This is exactly what I am needing!
I wanted to add some aroma therapy to it and have many lemon trees surrounding the house.  I cut 8 large leaves from one of the branches and thoroughly washed them.  We don’t use pesticides, thank goodness – and safe to be consumed.
Benefits of “Fresh Green leaves” relieves:
– insomnia   – migraine headaches  – asthma 
AND the smell is devine!  I want to infuse it in oil and wear it as a light and natural fragrance… *On my “To Do” list, Ha!
Now, don’t expect teas to work instantaneously.  It takes time and a daily dosage is greatly recommended.  Tonight is my very first time making this and made a liter of it for my Mother and I to take for the next few days.  Even so I feel quite relaxed at the moment….. yay!
The recommendation is to drink 16 ouncez daily for at least a month to see any significant results.  I am going to do this in the evening soon after dinner.  I will follow up with an update next month.


(Makes approximately 1/2 a liter – which I did twice to fill my liter glass bottle)

– One Hand Full of dried Marshmallow Flowers 
– 8 Fresh “Large” Lemon Leaves (thoroughly washed in cold water)
– Sauce pan full of filtered water (approximately 6 1/2 cups) *Fill so that it doesn’t spill when it boils
Link of reference and further details:


  • Boil the water until it was hot and bubbly.  
  • Add the hand full of dried Marshmallow Flowers
  • Let that boil again stirring until all flowers are wet and under the water as it boils
  • Boil for 2 minutes stirring regularly
  • Bring the fire down to “simmer” and add the 8 Fresh Lemon Leaves
  • Continue stirring on low heat for another 2 minutes 
  • Turn off the burners and let stand for 5 minutes (Let it cool so that the glass container won’t break with the heat)
  • Place a small colander over the glass bottle spout (May use a cheese cloth or coffee filter if you don’t have one) 
  • Pour the contents in to the glass bottle and place the cap on.  
You can let it sit for a bit on your counter or place it in the refrigerator for added infusion to drink later.  Can last 3-5 days in the refrigerator.  
You can drink it warm and add honey for taste.  Try not to warm it up as it may loose much of its natural properties due to the high heat.  


It tastes refreshingly yummy!  I did add a tiny bit of Natural Honey as I prefer my teas sweet.  My Mother likes unsweetened and we both loved it.
Are you going to try this recipe?  Do you have a personal recipe that relieves these ailments that you recommend?  Do tell and leave it in the comments… I’d LOVE to try it out!
Let me know what other ailments I should try out a recipe for.  I’m all ears…
*I am NOT a medical professional.  I am only sharing my experience and the information I have found on the natural products I use.  PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR when changing your diet and follow their advisement in concerns to your health.  

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