Creating Memories with Mitsubishi! #Mitsucars #DriverMitsubishi

Sometimes we need a little extra room to meet certain goals.  The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport helped me meet a few on my list!

I currently drive a great little car that I LOVE to pieces.  As great as it may be there wasn’t room to recycle all the items we have been collecting at home.  We’ve been collecting cans for the past 2 years to raise funds for the food we give out to those in need.  These have been a very successful project as each member of the family has participated as well as friends and neighbors – many of which don’t drive or have funds to donate.  
The piles grew and with our school and work schedules that didn’t coincide with local recycling centers it got a tad bit out of hand!  Thanks to Mitsubishi, they lent us a gorgeous little truck that was perfect to accomplish the task of taking all of our piles to the recycling center on a weekend with very few trips.  We used the funds to purchase non perishable foods, delivered groceries to a family devastated after their Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.  We also restocked the 50lb sacks of rice and beans we keep at home to give out to other families and Seniors in our community that need a helping hand.  

The kiddos and I were excited and to celebrate our accomplishments I took us to our favorite places we haven’t ventured to in years.  First up was a flash back to when my own Dad took me out on special occasions – “Bob’s Big Boy.”  From here we rode in to the sun set towards Santa Monica Pier.  
Last time we were here the kiddos were tiny.  We played a few carnival games, purchased a purple balloon  – that’s my Son’s favorite color – and listened to great live music while we watched the sun set and the ocean waves.  
During the weekend I decided to drive through the hills of an area we’ve never been to.  We ended up  discovering a lake we never knew about.  We made friends with families that shared their BBQ with us as we walked around the trails and then met the ducks by by the docks.  The sunset was magical!  We plan on camping here one day soon.
Amazing how a bigger car will lead to new experiences and achievements.  All this we accomplished in just 5 days with a beautiful new Mitsubishi.  It drove like a dream and in luxury.

PLUS it has enough room for baby strollers, wheelchairs and walkers with room to spare!

Do you own a SUV?  What have you discovered ever since owning it?  

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