Copper Chef Review *NOT AN AD

Copper Chef: My Mother is a Breast Cancer Warrior and her PASSION is COOKING! Sadly her surgery has left her with limited movement of her left arm.  I decided to purchase the 9″ Copper Chef after watching the infomercial and being curious to try it for a while now.

I received my order and unpacked it.  I went over the parts and asked that she let me know when she’s ready to use it so I can do it with her.  She decided to go ahead on her own and make roasted chicken over veggies.

When I came home the pan was in the oven and it smelled great!  I  pulled it out and got everyone to the table.  My teens devoured it said it was “the greatest chicken ever!”  I did enjoy our dinner as it was extra juicy and not dry at all.

As I readied pan to wash I noticed that my Mother placed the steamer tray at the bottom.  As I a making a video showing how easily it is to clean by wiping out pan with a paper towel I went ahead and started to wash the metal steamer tray my Mom had mistakenly use. I turned it over and found that she didn’t remove the plastic wrap.  The metal part was what was touching our food but on the pan it melted the blue plastic layer left on it.

I was expecting to have a ruined pan at this point.  You can hear my surprise of this discover on my video along with how my Copper Chef still looked NEW!

Our pan took on the biggest test of them all and it SURVIVED!!  Not only was it a breeze to wash but it cooks our food evenly and deliciously. My Mother and I LOVE it and ordered the smaller pans to replace the rest of our old heavy ones in the kitchen.

*I am NOT being paid OR compensated in any form for this review.  Reviewing items that make a difference in our lives is always my goal.

Please let me know if you own a Copper Chef?  Do you love it as much as we do?


  1. February 22, 2017 / 1:22 am

    Wow, that’s impressive. Thanks for posting. I think I have to get one of these.

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