Bitter-Sweet November … My Friendsgiving Message

November has been a difficult month during our most trying times.  What does a Mother feel when they hear their babies tummy rumble with hunger, their little bodies shake with cold?  It is one of the most heart breaking moments one can experience!
Rationing food, toilet paper and soap… never enough of any but “just enough” to keep us going.  My children would hide the extra fruit/food that the other children threw away at school to bring home and appease their never ending hunger.  I walked to every food bank I qualified for but I was one of MANY that stood in line hoping that one got enough to carry AND have the strength to carry it home. 
Having hot water, working stove and hair products was a luxury.  Our neighbors let us run ONE extension cord to run our refrigerator that I tried to keep milk, cheese the frozen bologna, weenies I was able to stock up on when they had the .69 cent sales… or the 10lb bag of frozen chicken that was given to us once or twice a month from the food pantry. 
I don’t think many believed us when we said “we are poor.”  People use it as a passing comment that when it’s meant whole heartedly it is easily dismissed as a dramatic verse – sadly.  I bought the powdered soap and washed our clothes in the bathtub as well as used it to wash our dishes, hair and body.  I saved enough for a hot plate and alternated our life line of electricity between the refrigerator, microwave and now hot plate.  I made beans and rice to appease our grumbling tummies.  Having pancakes for dinner was a sign that we’d be well fed that night!  Meats were hard to come by and only made us hungrier when we could only eat one piece each.  
My children’s teachers will send us what they could.  From their own children’s outgrown clothing and shoes to extra food goods and gift cards to our local grocery stores.  Looking back I know we made it through by the good souls that saw our struggle and helped with what they could.  I am humbled by such acts of kindness gifted to us.
This is now a memory in our minds… stories on paper that my children have shared and won awards for…  There IS a light in the abyss of darkness and kindness from strangers when family looked away.  I now dedicate as much as I can to help others facing the same or worse.  I still get choked up by it all.  
May you find strength in my words and please reach out to me if you can’t to anyone else. 
Have an AMAZING Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving/Holiday and may you give your family an extra long hug on my behalf.
Staying BBW Positive,

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