Batman Day 2015: Na Na Na Na naNaNaaa… BATMAN!

I’m no Batman but I make a pretty convincing Catwoman Hehehehe… I mean…  MEEOOOOWWW!  

Growing up watching the Batman series and running to our television set to watch from black and white to color, to watching the many Batman Movies since is a great memory to me and many of us.  His character was created in 1939 for DC Comics and after a few decades Catwoman was finally born in to our twisted Super Villain/Heroine that we just don’t see enough of – in my opinion Ha!
Through its up and down it has maintained,  and in 2009 – Arkham Asylum came to LIVE in our gamer hearts!  I can’t tell you how many times I played through that game and it’s a favorite to go back to replay like a welcoming hug – if you’re a gamer you understand the feeling.  

Can 2016 come any FASTER?  I’m at the edge of my seat ready to watch “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” with another over due appearance of my spirit Heroine – WONDER WOMAN! How EXCITING...
Celebrating Batman Day is helping keep alive the culture and pass this on to new generations of comic readers, collectors, cosplay, creators and dreamers.  No matter what level you are in this realm you will enjoy a day of seeing/reading all things BATMAN…. Because 
“It’s great to be yourself, but if you can be Batman – BE BATMAN!”
Grab your batman shirt (I just know you have one) or that black cape and wear it proudly as those that see you throughout the day will smile or high five you for joining in what is fast becoming a tradition.
The following are some events and articles to surround your senses with Batman and take advantage of the sales.  Go ahead and grab that toy or poster you’ve always wanted… really it’s OKAY to let your inner kid out!
What do you collect or plan to buy today?  TAG ME on Instagram @BBWGeneration and let me see.
You can find ME Here…. 
Same Bat Time…
Same Bat Place…
*Runs out the room arms extended with Bat Cape flying behind me SINGING*

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