Back To School Shopping As Easy As 1-2-3

This is a sponsored post with JCPenney, but all opinions are my own.Are you ready for Back To School?!

This time of year has always been a nail biter for both my children and I.  The excitement and the worry of all that comes with a new year, new friends and getting the kiddos ready with a new school wardrobe.  How do kids grow so fast?!

This year it’s a little more hairy! I was in between jobs for a few months and now working swing shift.  What does this mean? “Poco dinero y poco tiempo,” translates to “Little money and little time.”
I’m usually shopping for school clothes much sooner than cutting it close to a couple of weeks before – our school district starts August 15th.  Having a budget for two Teens isn’t easy as you can imagine.  As for the time, I work during store hours and weekends are super busy sharing weekends with my children’s Dad and doing all our family chores on weekends.

What did I do?

I planned an On-Line order with JCPenney… BAM!  It was so easy I almost feel guilty… almost.
So, my kiddos have their own sense of style (my Daughter is Trendy/Sporty and my Son is Gamer-Grunge), and I didn’t want to order items that they’ll dig in to the bottom of their drawer.  Not happening this year buddy!

My 3 Steps

1. I had my Teens head over to and text me links of the items they liked and were available in their size (Jr.Plus and Jr.Big&Tall).  I reviewed the items on my cell during my breaks and lunch at work and then took advantage of the amazing sales that were going on.  (My Dollars were doing the mostess…  OH, did I find GREAT Sales!)
2. Once I settled in for the night at home, I pulled up my laptop by the couch and got on JCPenney’s website.  I reviewed the items I had added to my basket while at work and placed my order with a few final clicks.

Me doing the happy dance receiving my order at home. Gordo guarding beside me claiming the box once I unpack it!

3.  This was the easiest step!  I waited for my order to arrive.  While placing my order I signed up for text delivery status and knew exactly when my order was shipped and when it was delivered.

As easy as that *Snaps Fingers* I had all my shopping done in one day!

There was no driving, no rounding up of my Teens while at the store trying to figure out what they want to buy, and best of all we had all of our short weekends to spend with each other creating memories and relaxing instead!
JCPenney gives me not only peace of mind but the fashion trends, brands and (most importantly) sizes our family needs and wants… and at an affordable price.
This is great for this Mamá, as I want my children to feel confident and prepared as they start their new school year.  I enjoy seeing them evolve both as persons and in expressing themselves with their fashion. 
Finding Jr.Plus and Jr.Big&Tall fashion has been a key component on the Humans my children are growing up to be.  Having trendy and fun clothes offered to them, along with the uniform pieces has made JCPenney my One-Stop Store.

My Son dressed from head to toe in his favorite pieces from JCPenney. He LOVES retro gamer and his favorite movies on his shirts. Nike is his “must have” for shoes.

JCPenney ,THANK YOU for including fashion pieces for my children and I.  They loved their new school clothes so much they agreed to finally letting me take pictures of them and share them in my blog!  This is the FIRST.
I know for a fact that my children are ready to go Back To School and are doing so empowered by all the items they will be wearing from JCPenney… which is truly #SoWorthIt yyyyyy #HazValerTusPenneys con cada compra!
Head on over to JCPenney right now at

My Trendy/Sporty Daughter will be living IN these pieces! A super soft t-shirt, ripped rolled up jeans and black Converse are on point with her fashion sense found at JCPenney Jr.Plus Department. Psst! Don’t tell her I’m borrowing her shirt…

I’m so proud of my babies! *Puffs Chest Out*
Did you find everything for your kiddos?  Have you looked at the Jr.Plus and Jr.Big&Tall items in JCPenney?  Share your pics with me!

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  1. December 27, 2017 / 7:43 am

    “BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING AS EASY AS 1-2-3”. Nice Post. I agree with your opinion now days online shopping very easy.

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