Awesome Plus Size Leg Wear!

Ladies, I have been on the hunt for some leg wear that will fit my beefy legs.  The latest fashions had me salivating for these ooohhh soooo cute designs but finding them in my size has been an ordeal.

**Before I continue I do want to give a HUGE “GRACIAS” to my buddy Baker Extraordinare and CUSTOM SHOE GURU for my BEAUTIUFL Hot Pink Glittery Hello Kitty Shoes.  She makes the BEST CUPCAKES AROUND and she ships!  Her link is: **

Recently I came across a distributor and am in HEAVEN!  Now, I do need to tell you it took a couple of orders to get the right product but she worked WITH me and made sure my new order was to my satisfaction.

I will warn you that the items state weight limits but you need to trust her.  She strives to make sure  that they will fit you correctly and that my friends you don’t find from just ANY distributor.

A few stats on my beefy legs:
I am 5’0 and 240lbs.  My thighs measure 32″ at their widest point EACH.  My waist is 42″ and have muscular legs as well.

Here are a few pictures of my gorgeous legs in the two designs I chose for myself.  They are Cotton /Lycra blend and are EXTREMELY comfy!   I do recommend wearing a ‘booty’ similar to those liners sold at local shoe stores.  This will help in extending the life of your tights and keep our pretty pedicured toes from tearing in the toe area.

I will surely be ordering from them again!  Keep a look out for sales and specials to really make your purchases count.


  1. August 12, 2013 / 12:44 pm

    I'm married to a Bbw latina that doesnt value investing in her look. Its sad and a Part of the reason why our marriage strugles if not already at its end. Its exciting to see a women with your height and weight still valuing and investing in her look. Its awesome.

    • September 4, 2013 / 5:00 am

      Thank you.
      We all go through our ups and down and I've been there myself. This is the time to dig deep inside and remember why she IS the love of your life.
      Many times our bodies don't let us see what you see for various reasons. INSPIRE her to feel beautiful once more and LOVE HER enough to do all you can to bring back that smile and sparkle.
      I wish you the both the best!

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