Allow Yourself To Feel Beautiful Now… In This Body

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Many of us spend years not feeling confident and happy with our bodies.  I myself have never felt comfortable with my large legs, thighs, arms… and the list goes on!

As we age we continue on a path of many highs and lows and an ever lasting search to not only find balance but to keep in that balance.  As I meet and read the messages and comments on my social media I find young and old still feeling the struggle of reaching peace with the vessel we call bodies.

There is no magic formula or words that will give automatic acceptance of our bodies.  It all comes from within us as a war cry or that of forgiveness.  Mine was the intermingling of both, a warrior cry of forgiveness and acceptance.  Only then did I find more moments of balance and peace, than the struggle up these valleys and peeks of my self doubt and hate.

Does it become easier to embrace our beauty as we step over the 40 years of life threshold?

Turning 40 was a bench mark in my own life.  More so with my facing cancer that led to a hysterectomy that I know has saved my life.   Maybe the moments during the many tests leading to my surgery, where I had intruding thoughts of not being in my children’s lives, gave me a new sense of “self.”

My surgery went well and had a long and difficult road of healing, as my previous two C-section deliveries of my kiddos complicated things a bit.  Three years later and I have embraced this body of mine.  My weight has fluctuated between 200 and 310lbs in these past few years.  Much has happened in my life and yet here I stand with a heart full of gratitude and strength.  This vessel – this body – is SO STRONG!

How incredible ARE OUR BODIES!

If we think on all we have experienced and continue to live through, do you come to the same conclusion? From the painful path of womanhood, child birth and the inevitable path of our final life change in to our golden years.  Isn’t it amazing all that our bodies survive?  It is in this realization that I defy my inner voices spewing negativity when I embrace my self love.

I hope my words ring true to your own lives.  May they help you find your own defiance to all that we hear in our heads so that our hearts can finally see in ourselves what I see in you:  BEAUTY

:  Allow Yourself To Feel Beautiful :


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